Side effects of radiotherapy

Can I please hear what side effects to expect from radiotherapy?.

I think with chemo you can lose your hair but is it the same with radiotherapy too?.


As far as I know, you don’t lose your hair with radiotherapy. The side effects include a sunburn type of skin issue which can blister. Also tiredness.
Have a look at some of the threads in the radiotherapy section to see how others have got on. I have not had my rads yet, due to start soon…
BCC have a leaflet about radiotherapy. One of the nurses will probably reply with a link to it for you!

Hope you fond out all you need to know !

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Anna x

Hi Annalou

I have given here the link to our factsheet on the subject of radiotherapy, it covers some of the more common side effects.

This can be downloaded using this link. I do hope you find it useful.

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Hi Veronica,

With radiotherapy you only lose hair that is in the radiated area, which may be relevant if you have radiotherapy to your armpit.

You can get a bit of a skin reaction, and it varies tremendously from one person to another. Some people hardly notice it while others end up with burns and blisters - as Anna says. I ended up with a couple of burns in the fold under my treated breast and my nipple peeled. My lumpectomy scar got rather red too.

There is also the fatigue, which for me build during and in the week after treatment.

Do download the BCC factsheet it has information about what to expect in the short and long term. My bcn gave me a copy. Your hospital will probably send you a leaflet too and that should give details of their recommendations for skin care. It varies a bit but the basics are that you moisturise the area being treated with aqueous cream several time a day.

Eliza xx

Great. Thanks everyone :slight_smile: