Side effects of tamoxifen/Zoldez injections- sleep problems

I was diagnosed in Nov 2008 and following lumpectomy and mystectomy and reconstruction was put onto Zoladex for two years and tamixifen for five years. I did have some side effects, sleep concentration etc after first taking medication but I then switched to Nolvadex D and things really settled down. Happy days I thought, now managing to get my life back and then in March of this year the Nolvadex D was discontinued and I was put onto A.P.S tablets.
Now am having terrible side effects feel really low, tearful have not had anights sleep for over a month!

Just wondering if anyone else ie experiencing problems.
Is it the zoladex injections or the change in tamoxifen, probably the latter. I have been on Zoladex injections for 14 months!

Hi buzzardsclaw

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June, moderator

Hi there.
Awful when you just get sleep isnt it. Im only on Tamoxifen, since Dec last year and although I was never a great sleeper, it became really really bad since the Tam.
I cant decide if the obvious additional stress connected with BC or just the medication, but I felt I needed xtra help from GP
I tried a week of sleeping tabs, but didnt help, so kinda reluctantly tried anti-depressant Molipaxin. Only been just over 2 weeks, but Im sleeping now Hurrah!!!
Downside is the kinda groggy feeling and dry mouth, but Im going to persevere so I can get into a more ‘normal’ sleep pattern.
Hope this helps, but maybe someone who’s using the other meds can help with that.
Best of luck with a solution.

ive been on tamox about 5-6 weeks now. And dont sleep as well as before. Will mention this to my dr next week.

Thanks ladies for your helpful comments!,

yes, I was thinking about going onto some anti-depressants and was given the name of one called venaflaxine ( or something similar ) so I will book myself into G.P and hopefully look foward to feeling human again!