Side Effects

Hi there

I have had surgery and now half way through chemo - then need further surgery to remove the ‘bit’ they left - then rads - please can anyone tell me - do you suffer any hair loss during rads or has hair started to grow back - sounds a bit silly but just wanted to know.

Thanks to you all.

Janey x

My hair was starting to grow back during rads.

the only hair loss I got from rads was the hairs on my breast around my nipple which did drop out, never to return. I had a sort of square patch of sunburn on my chest from the collar bone to just below the breast and from my armpit to the middle of my chest.

rather strange. they aim the rays at the bits of your chest/armpit that they want to zap rogue cancer cells from, not your head or other hairy bits

I should have said that some people who have whole brain radiation are likely to lose their hair - a friend of mine had this when he developed a brain tumour. I am not sure if the hair grows back in these circumstances


I had rads to my chest wall and armpit.collar bone area - I was told that it only affects hair in the area being treated ie in my case my armpit (though obviously folloing the chemo I don’t have any hair anywhere anyway !!). But my head hair has grown back throughout the radiotherapy - I now have approx 5mm all over - though just started chemo again today so I’ll be waving that goodbye soon grrrr

A guy having radiotherapy with me for a brain tumour lost his head hair in the exact area they were treating - so he had a semi circular bald patch amongst a full head of hair - but was advised that it would regrow.