Silicon grip causing soreness

Morning ladies
I’m a returner as had chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiotherapy in 2000/2001 followed by 5 years of Tamoxifen.
January this year 2012 I felt a lump above the mastectomy scar and have had 11 lymph nodes removed along with some muscle tissue. Fortunately only the 1 had cancer so no chemo, just Letrozole for the next 5 years.
Now I have lymphoedema in my arm, didn’t have it before so all new to me this time around.
Since the first time I wore a sleeve I’ve noticed my arm getting itchy at the front under the grip and when I take it off it’s very red. Initially I thought it was due to it being new but both sleeves have been washed many times now and it’s still happening. This morning I’m not going to wear the sleeve because my arm still has a red band and will call the breast cancer nurses later.
Any ideas out there please ?


Thanks Norberte
I’ve got an appointment for Thursday to see one of the breast care nurses, she said she can fit me with an alternative type of sleeve.


you are a fighter, I really admire your fighting spirit…I am always here to support you…keep us posted with. Have a nice day.

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Finally received the sleeve, gauntlet still to come.
I wore it yesterday for the first time and what a difference, so much more comfortable.
The silicon spots on the top of the sleeve left indentations on my arm when I took it off which went after a few minutes. I’ve been wearing a Contact prosthesis which does the same so am used to that happening.
So good news so far.

I’m glad you seem to be getting some relief, Sue. This LE is a giant pain! What kind of sleeve is it? I hate how red and damp and itchy my arm gets underneath the silicon band on my Sigvaris sleeve. But the whole sleeve is a bit itchy. Sometimes I feel like I am about to go into an absolute frenzy of itching! I keep wondering if a different sleeve would help. Also, maybe a gauntlet/armsleeve might put less pressure on the space between my thumb and first finger that the Sigvaris sleeve+mitten seems to rub and rub. I keep looking at other sleeves online and wondering whether they would be better…

Hi Quail
My Breast Care nurse gave me the Sigvaris all in one sleeves which I don’t like.
Two weeks ago I had an assessment appointment with Carol the MLD therapist and told her I didn’t like the soreness and she said not to worry she could prescribe a different type for me. When she took the measurements along my hand and arm she said my finger and palm measurements were the same for both hands, swelling starts at my wrist.
I’ve now got a Jobst Bella Lite sleeve and am waiting fo the gauntlet glove to arrive, Carol said I won’t need to wear this all the time, just when I feel my hand is puffy.
I’m going to the hospital in two weeks for a new prosthesis to be fitted and will ask then if they can let me have another sleeve as they keep them in stock there, if not I’ll get Catol to prescribe another when I see her next month.

Well, over the weekend I looked up the Sigvaris website and decided to write in their comments box about the problems I’m having.

First thing this morning I received an email from a lady there regarding my comments and she’s going to send me a new sleeve without the grip free of charge to see how I get on with it.

I’m very impressed with that speedy customer service !!