Silicone Implant not in the right place

Hi Everyone,


I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using a silicone implant at the end of January.  I have had only one appointment with my surgeon since then - three weeks after the surgery - the next is due in a couple of weeks.  Right from the start the implant has been situated too far towards the armpit side of my chest, leaving a ridge in the middle of my chest.  At the three week appointment I was told with time gravity may pull it into the right place.  It has certainly dropped down so it is almost level with my remaining breast, but is still too far towards the armpit, causing lumps on that side.  I also have what feels like a matchstick head sized sharp lump in the centre of it, which worried me when I found it a couple of weeks ago, but my surgeon on hearing about it said there was no need to bring the next appointment forward.  I have been told that because I am slim, I may feel edges of the implant (this is what they think the small sharp lump must be), which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me as I held an implant in my hand before the surgery and it felt completely smooth with no sharp edges!


I was just wondering if anyone has experienced a similar situation where there implant ended up in the wrong place, and what was done to correct it?  


Many thanks for reading, I hope you are all having a good day.



Hi EG, I had a tissue expander implant after mx last August. After being fully inflated a few months ago, the implant, after being quite high, moved down and across towards my armpit.
Last Tuesday I had the expander replaced with silicone on the mx side and a smaller implant on my good side, to achieve a better cosmetic result. The surgeon put a stitch in the pocket of the mx side, where the expander had moved, to try to prevent the same happening with the new softer implant. I’m also slim and gave gone from a 32aa to a 32b. I think you will get the answers when you see the surgeon. Good luck