silly question about hair colour

I know this sounds like a silly question: I finished chemo four weeks ago and my hair has started to grow. BUT it’s absolutely totally white. What on earth is happening? I was brown going on grey. I can’t imagine that it changes colour mid hair as it were…but am I destined to be a Snow White or will new growing hair be more like the original colour?
I don’t want to have white hair!!!

Hi, Margaret

Mine too looked white when it first started to grow ( finished chemo Feb ), now it is very silvery and brown mixed, before i lost it i had a bit of grey round my hair line but it was thick and curly so wasn’t too noticable to others, i have never really dyed my hair and to be honest never worried about going grey so im happy with the way its growing back, i think you can use vegetable dyes but im not sure how long after chemo you have to wait although someone on this site will know im sure…
Love Mizzy…

Mizzy, thankyou, I will hope that mine goes darker as time progresses. I guess that I don’t want to end up feeling and looking completely different to what I did before this all started.

Hi Margaret

I read ages ago that someones hair came through all white initially and then changed back to a different colour … not so for others … bit dificult to predict … some of this is like water runnin gup hill isn’t it … logic is oout the window and life is full of surprises … how is the texture ? are you pleased with it? love FB xxx

Hi Fizbix

Yes you are so right, this dx turns everything inside out.
Turns me upside down too.

Thinks happily… so glad to have little tufts of hair
Thinks shocked…but it’s white!!!
Thinks angrily…and why should I be happy to have hair I shouldn’t have lost it in the first place?
Thinks sadly…woe is me
Thinks positively…well there’s no way but forward

I am pleased with it, it’s very soft like a babies and it is exciting wondering if it will be wavey or curly or straight as before. My 11 yr old grandson told me last night that with the sun behind me it looked like a halo, but in the next breath he told me if I went on a diet I might lose my beerbelly!! [lost two stone since dx].
I would rather it wasn’t white but then I can dye it later and I would rather have white hair than none at all.

wishing you well

My hair came back thick,curly and WHITE.It had been dark with a few grey hairs.My oncologist said I could dye it six weeks after chemo ended(it was already quite long by then)Not sure what colour it is now but the roots look pretty much white.I use a brilliant herbal paraben free hair dye called Naturtint which I get from Holland and Bartlett and my hair is in very good condition.

Hi - my hair was brown, going grey around the hairline and very straight BUT came back a dirty grey and curly !! great . I have had it dyed but on the first attempt at the hairdresser it was supposed to be brown but ended up gingery blonde so he did it again and it was brown but quite light. Just had it done again a bit darker and it looks okay. I am praying that as the new hair grows that it might, just might, go back to brown. I can hope !

Liz xx

Hi Margaret,
Mine came back snow white for quite a few weeks. Someone said to me “that’s because you are doing a forced rhubarb job- you never take your hat off!”.
Not sure if it is anything to do with it at all but when I started going commando my own colour started to return. Still very fine baby hair though.

My hair is coming back so slowly - I used to have think black hair, but now it is fine baby hair, and now I have some white patches and some black patches, it looks really odd…

Love to everyone,


oh no,and oops - I thought I was going grey/white as my hair is starting to grow back (all of 1cm now…well nearly) and so I made my OH pluck them out. I was quite surprised at how many there where, but now it make sense. And yes, it is very fine likemy baby, who in fact has more hair than me!

I will now put down the tweezers