Silly question!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi to all

Have just had lumpectomy and node removal. Nodes are negative and have a small dressing on my wound.

As some of you know i live in Spain and am rubbish with the language so therefor am totally confused as to when i can have a shower and remove dressing

Nurse said shower after 2 days but not to aggrevate the area so now i dont know if i have to leave dressing on until app. on Tuesday which seems a very long time.

Is ther anyone out their who has had a similiar op. and can help me…

Thanks for all your support ladies



Hi Lynne

I had the identical thing to you. I had the district nurse who came in and changed my dressings . I think it might be O.K. to shower but you need to replace the dressings if they get wet. I opted for a bath instead.You must not rub the wound. My nurse gave me dressing to change myself if needed but they were sort of waterproof and I didn’t like them as I thought I was getting no air to the wound,so she changed them. After a few days hubby changed my dressing as I couldn’t look. Think initially though I went 4 or 5 days without changing so Tuesday maybe isn’t a problem, but do think if you shower you will need to change it. Did they give you any? My wound was about 6" long and especially in my armpit seemed to take ages to heal. All fine now though. but get some dressings! They should give you some at the hospital or G.P. Don’t know what the equivalent is in Spain.

Best of luck

Norma x

Hi Lynne

Me again. Having done holidays in Spain, I think that your pharmacists are very qualified aren’t they and so maybe you could go ask them. They seem to give advice on lots of medical problems and prescribe things that we can’t here.

Hi had a WLE and SNB on the Thu and the after care nurse removed the dressing on the Sun, I had no drains, she said I could shower straight away using Simple products. I was advised to apply aqueous cream as soon as possible to prepare my skin for rads later on, did this twice a day and my scars also benefited.
Hope this helps
Caz x

My surgeon insisted that the dressings had to stay in place until I went back to see her 10 days later. It was a bit of a nightmare and I had to take baths instead of showers, but the wounds healed extremely well. It sounds as if different surgeons have different views.

I am off to southern Spain myself in a few days time as I have just finished rads and had first Herceptin. I can’t wait!

Buena suerte


Dear Lynne. You’ll know from reading all these postings that everyone gets told something different! Can you find a friend or just helpful person who can speak Spanish and phone the surgeon for you so that you can know exactly what he would like you to do. I had the same op as you three days ago now, and the surgeon took the dressing off the very next morning and I am just left with waterproof steristrips (the stitches are all inside). One good bit of advice he gave me was that if the area is damp after washing use a hair dryer on a very low setting to dry it. Hope you are recovering really well. I am in Australia so even further from most of the girls on this site, but at least I don’t have a language problem. It might even be worth you paying out a bit for an interpreter to come to future appointments with you. Even those of us all speaking English often feel confused or uncertain about what has been said, and the additional stress of not understanding the language is something you just don’t need right now. Perhaps there is a volunteer organisation that could help you through the medical maze? Anyway, good luck, and basically don’t worry. If the wound becomes red or hot make sure you go back to the doctor, otherwise you can be pretty sure that you are healing up nicely. Hugs Sarah x

not sure if i should be worried or not! had wle and 18mm lump removed from right breast in sept 07 - lymph nodes clear - mri done sept 07 showed no sign in left breast. had x3 FEC and found a lump in left breast yesterday- gp thinks its a fibroadinoma as mobile but has refferred me to breast clinic on wednesday - trying not to worry to much as MRI was only 3 months ago - what do you think?
sarah 41

Hi Sarah

personally I think that if it is a palpable lump now, given that you’re on chemo and a recent clear MRI scan, I doubt if it’s anything to worry over. But you will know for sure after wednesday.
hugs x

Hi Sarah

If you remain concerned and want to talk to someone in confidence, please don’t forget about our helpline, you can call up to 2pm today and 9am-5pm in the week. The number to call is 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes
Breast Cancer Care

thanks quisie, i just feel that im back to square one - have been so positive - Onc has given me a great prognosis - but now ive found this new lump in other breast - i cant eat or sleep- its all what ifs!!! surely a cancerous lump couldnt appear that quickly could it? -

Hi ladies

Thanks for all your helpfull comments. Back to the hospitl tomorrow to see surgeon. Think the app. is just to change dressing and see how its all going.
As you all said everybody gets different advice so i decided not to shower just wash all over and keep the dressing on and completley dry. Its been a bit of a nightmare trying to keep the dressing on(have had to do some handy work with “micropore” and extra plasters) but have managed to keep it in place.
Still have quiet a bit of pain, was told to only take paracetomol for the pain, but will hopefully feel better tomorrow after they take the dressings off.

Anne i hope you hav a lovely holiday in Spain. I live in southern Spain, near Marbella. What part are you visiting? The weather is very good here right now so i hope it continues for your holiday

Sarah hope it all goes well for you on Wednesday. Im sure it will

Hugs to you all

Lynne x x.

Hi Lynne

I remember having to use micropore as well to keep the dressings on.

We are going to Mijas Costa so not far from you. Glad to hear the weather is good, and hope it continues for us. We need a holiday after the last few months!

Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Anne x

Hi anne

It al went well at the hospital on Tuesday changed dressing and all was well but had to go back to hospital last night as i now have Mastytas. I am now on a large dose of painkillers and antibiotics and have to go back to the hopsital on Tuesday 11th for the fianl results of my Biopsie.

Mijas is not very far from me about 30 minute drive and you will be glad to know the weather is still brilliant. When is your holiday?

Hope the weather stays nice for your stay

Lynne x x