It’s six years on Thursday, since BC diagnosis. Was fine last year, but this year feel rather emotional again and cant sleep. Wonder if this is normal??


Gettin on with life now, but sometimes really wish this hadn’t come to me so young (38). Hate living with reconstruction, even though I barely look at it much these days!


I’m sorry you haven’t receieved a response yet. If you’ve still got questions you’d like to discuss I recommend contacting our helpline. Details can be found here:<wbr>pport/support-you/someone-talk/call-our-support-li<wbr>…</wbr></wbr>

They will be able to talk you through any questions you might have.


I know what u mean I am having my 3 year mammogram next week and it scary. But at the mo I suffer with work issue which I am on sick now. They don’t understand so unhelpful. Losing my marbles

I am 6 years on too and finding it harder each year. I have my annual check this week, and I am really worried.  I keep getting pains in good breast, which I am sure are fine but still worries me. I also feel like I am a hypochondriac. I just don’t know how to trust my body any more, and keep having problems related to treatment even this far on. You would think it would get easier as the years go on.

Hi Naz, me again.

Why do you think from being okay last year that you’re more emotional again this year ??  Has something else been happening in the meantime ?? You haven’t mentioned what you’re worrying about. Yeh - 38 is young, that’s really tough and, did you say in another post that you have two kids?  I also picked up that your not working at the mo’ either. Is some of it having too much time on your hands do you think? - I’m speaking from my own experience. I don’t have the purpose or distraction of work, partner or family,  which gives me too much time to dwell on things - drive myself round the bend.


You’re obviously worrying about something (WHAT??) if you’re not sleeping.  When you’re in bed, try breathing slowly and deeply and repeatedly chanting (in your mind so you don’t wake up your hubby!)   PEEEEACE, CAAAAALM alternately on your slow breaths out.  Just keep mentally focusing on the chanting slowly with every breath out - it helps to focus you away from your troubles and soothes your mind. Takes some practice. If you find other thoughts keep popping in and diverting you away - just bring yourself back to those WORDS and keep persisting with chanting those words. It becomes automatic after a while with practise. Is sending me off now zzzzzzzzzzzzz. It’s the basic principles behind hypnosis and meditation.  I’m no guru, but it was a technique taught to me and I just modified it slightly.


Nic1970 - I hope your mammogram settles your fears. Let us know how you go on.

Cmw2 - I hope your check up goes okay and you have some answers for the pains in your good breast. Let us know.


Lotsa love Delly xx