Hi All

Just come back from my 3rd rads session and spoke to radiographer to tell her that I had a pink patch quite a way down from my masectomy scar she said they were blasting a patch 20cms x 20 cms (8"x8" for us oldies) this works out to 64 square inches which seems a bigger bit than my masectomy took up in fact it is right down level with my belly button. Was so surprised that I forgot to ask her why, anyone know would love to hear your comments



Hi Heather,

From one oldie to another :slight_smile: that sounds pretty normal to me. I have had rads to both sides now and each time it was a large area that was covered. They are looking to knock out any problems all around - taking in lymph nodes. For myself - on both sides - it was the whole of each chest area - right up to my neck. Certainly didnt go as low as yours though, so it could be worth asking why.


Hi Dawn

My lymphs were clear, so they are doing from my collar bone down to my naval and from what would have been my clevage to the end of my scar. Perhaps that is why they are doing such a large area. Thanks for your comments.