Skin disintegrating

This is my first posting, although I’ve been following the forum for a while. I’m now feeling so fed up, I just needed to vent !!  I had a WLE in July for DCIS, and finished my radiotherapy on 4th October (15 ‘doses’). All has gone far better than expected - until now. I thought I’d done so well during rads, didn’t get tired, worked all the way through, and apart from some itchiness and my boob turning red no major skin problems . . . Until a week ago when the skin split in the crease underneath. However, the breast care nurses were great and gave me Mepilex dressings and Purilon gel. Today I found that more skin is coming off on the underside of the breast so it’s getting worse not better. I’ve tried so hard to look after it carefully, but just don’t know what to do now. I will hopefully go back to the nurses tomorrow (if they can give me an appointment) but I’m feeling at my absolute lowest now. It’s sore and itchy and yucky! I know things can get worse for 2 weeks after you finish rads, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. I feel guilty as I know many of you have had much more to deal with than I have, but skin falling off leaving raw patches isn’t fun. 

Bless you georgie girl, i have finished my 15 sessions today, im very red and have a couple of areas that are breaking down, they gave me hydrogel to put on it, i cant really offer any advice as you are further than me, i would defo get your nurse to take a look, fingers crossed you heal soon, im shocked at how read i am now, didnt imagine it would be quite this sore, im glad i can stay in doors now and be braless

Georgie Girl


Hello and welcome to the forum, it doesnt matter when you join us.  You vent away that is what is so lovely about this forum.


It is so frustrating to have something like this happen when everything had been going so well, hopefully your nurses will be able to see you tomorrow and perhaps sort something else out that will help it.


Sending a gentle hug


Helena xxx

Sorry to hear that.

I finished radio last Thursday so I am waiting to see how bad it will get.

The underside of breasts can get damp and sweaty so perhaps that is not helping.

I was told not to use petroleum products as they can cause it to get worse so best to aviod that.

You sound very uncomfortable, so you do have a lot to deal with.

This is the place to have a moan when you feel like it.

Hope it gets better for you very soon.


Thanks for the support ladies - it’s nice to feel there are others going through similar things. I know it will get better, but I’d rather sooner than later!