Skin problems and Herceptin

I don’t know whether anyone else is affected in a similar way but I am on Herceptin and Tamoxifen post chemo and my skin seems to be falling to bits. I have little blisters which are a bit itchy and sore on my toes and fingers, I seem to cut very easily and one of my toes has gone yucky, weeping at the nail edge and a bit sore. Although SEs for both H and T say they can cause rashes, this seems to be a bit more than a rash and is a number of different, but possibly related skin problems.

Hi Jane,

I didn’t have any rashes with herceptin, did have thin and splitty nails. You don’t say what chemo you had - if it was tax I was told that could cause skin problems on the hands and feet particularly. I should have a word with your onc when you see him/her or tell the nurse who is giving you the herceptin. Or visit your GP if you can’t wait. What you describe sounds to me a bit like “hand, foot and mouth disease” which I had years ago along with my son when there was an outbreak at his school!

Love, Mo

Hi Jane & Mo
I have simular issues with my skin an nails although I finished herceptin early November. This has only really developed within the last 3 weeks. My hand nails have always been good an strong but they have taken to spliting if I dont keep them very short. But my skin is so irritated it drives me mad. I have a few odd rashes - elbow crease an on my back an legs which bleed if I give way an scratch them. My chemo was FEC but I wondered if this might be s.e that takes some to show after herceptin. Or is it to do with hormone tab arimedex I take. See my consultant in the new year who I shall be hoping can give me some answers. In the meantime I am using a aqueous skin lotion which gives me some relief.