Skin Recurrence

Hi I’m new to this forum and wondered if anyone out there had a recurrence in the skin of their reconstruction? (I had to have my recon removed).

I had satellite skin nodules, which is a stage 3b, but because they are still low grade I was told chemo is not an effective option, even though my risk of mets/recurring again is really high? After months of search I have yet to come accross anyone who has had the same thing?

Any comments or similar experience would be great as I feel like I’m in no man’s land!

Hi there

I don’t have skin recurrence but do know several women who do who us another site which you can find by googling bcpals.

I sympathise with your feeling of being in no man’s land because I have a regional recurrence without yet spread to major organs and don’t really know anyone in exactly the same position.

very best wishes



I am at high risk of this happening and I recently had a skin biopsy (proved to be okay) because it was looking like I might have developed a recurrence manifested on the skin. This happens because malignancy usually (but NOT always) occurs above the pectoral muscle because it acts as a shield but I wonder just how effective the muscle is once it has been blasted with radiotherapy.

Anyway, I am sorry that you are going through this and wonder what treatment you will be offered?

As Jane says I am sure you will find other ladies in a similar situation on BCPals or Breast

Wishing you all the very best.

Thanks Jane and Dahlia…

Firstly my treatment was removal of my reconstructed breast, followed by tamoxifen, followed by rads. The rads was pretty easy and made no difference to my pec strength…just made me a little tired!

My fist BC was a stage 1 grade 1, DX Aug 2008, it was multi focal hence the first mascectomy… I declined tamoxifen at the time because my prospects were so good. (Ha!)

I am a regular user of, but the women on there have had skin mets which is a rash and quite different?


Hi Jackie

Thanks so much! I am seeing my Onc at the end of the month and will ask him why they insisted on removing my reconstruction, as none of the ladies with skin mets that I have read about seem to have had the same drastic measure…?

Also I was told because the nodules were localised to my breast, they were not considered to be skin “mets”.

Nikki x