Skin saving masectomy?

Hi everyone. This is my first post on this forum. Im actually asking on behalf of my mum who has will be having a masectomy on the 7th of Sep. She has decided against reconstruction but cant make her mind up about an implant. She has been told that is fine but they will have to leave a flap of skin ie. skin saving masectomy so if she decides to go for the implant they can do so. What she wants to know is what it looks like so that if she decides against the implant she knows what she will be living with. We have looked through all the booklets that she has been given and none have pictures of this. We have also googled it but it just show pics of it with the implant in which is not what we are looking for.

So basically if anyone know where to find some pictures for her to have a look at it would be great.

Thanks Lindsay