skin soreness etc

Hi am due to start rads on tues just wondering how much of the skin is affected by rads burns, soreness etc, also how long do they ‘blast’ you for, i still have the scar from my lumpectomy which is not 100 % healed so do not want further complications.


Hi sarah,

not sure,a friend of mine says it is only a couple of mins. hope everything goes well,where are you going for it.
when did you have your opp,what cancer have you got

all the best

Hi thanks for reply, i had my lumpectomy june 19th had chemo from feb -may 08 ugh. Lump is now out with clear margins ? what cancer it was but i don’t need tamoxifen or herceptin,
just looking forward to a holiday !! had to cancel one boobked for earlier this year.

Best wishes Sarah 66

You’re better off asking this one on the undergoing treatment: radiotherapy forum but a friend of mine had it and I’ll be having it later in the year so I can tell you that it takes them a litte while (she said about an hour) to set you up ie position you and mark the bits to be blasted but each appointment where those marks are radiated only takes a few minutes, she was in and out within an hour every time, so not too long at all.

Hope it all goes well, make sure you use any creams they give you so you don’t get sunburn style effects.