skin sparing mx with immediate expander questions

Can I ask if theres anybody on here that has had skin sparing mastectomy with immediate expander? That gets filled up over time then eventually replaced with a permanent implant. can I ask what the pain was llie after surgery? What happens at the infills & whats the pain like? How long is recovery? how pleased with the look of it? How bad is the surgery to remove & replace for permanent implant?

Ive been offered this surgery using a mesh too?? Im an a cup so been told ill require implant in other side later on.

I may need radiotherapy too. Dreading it if that ruins expander?

Also been offered lumpectomy but been told as my lumps about 2.5cm in a cup breast ill have a lot taken away & will push some fat from under arm to try & fill a bit of indentation but after definite radiotherapy will need lipo from tummy & put fat into breast but will need doing a few times as your body reabsorbs the fat. This is if can get clear margins too!

My nodes were clear at my sentinel lymph node biopsy op in oct. Had chemo. 6 fec t. 4wks out of chemo but on herceptin. My surgeon worried about infection.

So confused. Ive opted for lumpectomy but not sure if done right thing but scared of pain from other op xx

Hi had skin sparing mx with nipple excised but had mesh recon immediately with implant. Was in hospital 3 nights, pain fine in hospital but harder to manage once home. Mainly cause I couldn’t take the dihydrocodine. Was back to work just before 7 weeks post op - worked from home from 4 weeks. Still taking ibuprofen as still sore if I do too much. Have to watch you don’t do too much too early as you will swell and have more pain. Drove at 5 weeks still bit uncomfortable but doable. Appearance wise now the swelling has gone down it looks good in clothes - you would not know - apart from the dents I have on my upper chest which my surgeon has said is because I am slim. Without clothes there is a big difference in position Ito my good breast which saggy and I am planning to have an uplift and am thinking May well need an implant as well as volume difference will be obvious. All in all I would say I am pleased, the scar is from the side across the middle to where the nipple was, at first it looked terrible but is healing well and looking better. One thing they don’t tell you about implants is the feeling of pressure like a bowling ball strapped to your chest, and the hardness of it, but I am told they soften with time so I am hopeful things will improve! Hope this helped from the mesh op perspective.


I had a skin sparing, areola sparing and nipple sacrificing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction 4 weeks ago (the expander implant that stays in once volume capacity is right).  I was not offered lumpectomy as smaller breast and a larger area to remove.  The implant had 50ml put in at time of surgery.  I dont have any feeling or pain over my reconstructed breast, I do have pain around the breast and armpit but it is managable with ibuprofen and paracetamol.  I still have a lot of healing to do and my surgeon was concerned about the pressure the implant was putting on the wound so he removed 30ml from the implant using the port at the side of me, it didnt hurt anymore than a usual injection but I’m sure when he puts the saline in it will cause that tightness crushing feeling on the chest again.  The port is a bit uncomfortable to lay on.  Looks wise I was pleased to wake up with a ‘mound’ where my breast used to be (all be it smaller, i know it will change shape with each fill) guess we are all very different in healing and our ‘teams’ recommend the best individual treatment plan for each of us.  Hope this helps, good luck. xx

I had mx with tissue expander last August. They managed to save my nipple and partly filled the implant in theatre. Then I’ve had 2 fills since. I was amazed how good it looked. The fills didn’t really hurt but felt tight for a few hours. I’m due to have the expander replaced and implant on the other side in 2 weeks. The only issue I had is that the port is a bit uncomfortable, as I’m very slim and it protrudes under the skin.
Good luck

Thank you for your reply . Your the first ive met that has only had 1 side done & due an implant in other side . I wonder if theyll look the same as 1 another & symmetrical? Im such a wimp, im so scared of the pain after surgery & the drains etc that I opted for lumpectomy but I dont feel comfortable with decision. I cant save nipple. Theyre not sure if ill need radiotherapy also as yet x