Skin sparing, nipple sparing mx with immediate reconstruction with implant and strattice

I know that is a really long title, but it is what my surgeon is suggesting, but it sounds too good to be true. Anyone else had the same or similar op?
Petrified and don’t want to make bad choice, although my BC Nurse and surgeon are great, but I have final say :-@
Hope someone can help with their experience…
Thanks xx

That’s a difficult one especially as they say it’s your choice, how do you know unless you are an oncologist?
Ifound myself in a similar position, I was told I was booked in fOr mastectomy with immediate Reconstruction.
That would have been an ideal choice for me physically and mentally, BUT!.. I had read up on options before my appointment and decided that because I needed chemo and rads it wasnt advisable to undergo recon before my treatment.
I refused the offer of recon there and then, my surgeon said its your choice, BUT! If it were my wife I wouldn’t advise her to undergo recon before treatment…ugh!
I trust my surgeon completely, he has brilliant reputation and comes highlY recommended, but I felt by educating myself I had made my own choice and didn’t deviate from my plan even though he said it was my choice.

So what to do in your situation, you have t ask why are you able to undergo the type of recon he recommends. Is it because the bc isn’t in your ducts so therefore the nipple is safe?
It might be worth getting as much information about the bc and what safe choices you can make, and also what possible pitfalls there may be. It’s so hard to question someone’s professional advice, but you must feel safe in the choices that are made and why.
I realise I may not have helped you at all, with my situation, but It is better to know of any ‘possibles’ before you sign on the dotted line. I suppose what Im saying is that a second opinion wouldn’t be a bad idea. Better to know all the options, then you can question.
Good luck and hope all goes well for you
Maggie x

Hi Maggie, I can’t believe that your surgeon suggested treatment and then said that he wouldn’t advise his wife to go that way! Sounds like you made the right choice for you. I keep getting more and more info., and it seems that the path. results so far (er+ and her-2 negative) mean that I won’t need radiotherapy unless what they find is nastier than suggested in the biopsy and the her2 negative means that I won’t need Herceptin by chemo…
Like you said, we’re given all this information, but we’re not oncologists!! anyway, clinic with BC Nurse and surgeon again tomorrow morning, and I have some last questions before deciding…
Thanks for your post xxx

I had a skin sparing mastectomy with immediate implant and strattish mesh reconstruction 6 months ago. They couldn’t save my nipple because my tumour was so close to it. I was able to have this because I didn’t need radiotherapy, just chemo. If I had needed radiotherapy I would have had to leave my reconstruction until after I’d had it. If they do it beforehand the radiotherapy can damange the reconstruction.
Before I made my decision I met with my breast care nurse and looked at photos of all different types of reconstruction with her and talked through the different procedures, recovery times, etc. Although it’s taken a while for it to fully settle down, I’ve never regretted my decision and am really pleased with the results.
Hope this helps.
Good luck, Clare.

Hi JJnA, I had all of the above except I elected to have my nipple taken away. I did not really have the choice as HER2 positive Lobular Breast Cancer - and DCIS. Im 6 weeks post surgery and my boob looks great. At first I thought about the stratis - the other option was to have a piece of skin taken from my stomach to form my breast. I elected to have the stratis instead.

Do talk about your options with your surgeon as he/she will be able to guide you. I advised my surgeon that all I wanted him to do was make me better - then asked what he would recommend. I have to say he was brilliant and gave me good solid advice - which I took re similiar surgery being offered to you.

My treatment is chemo, herceptin and rads.

Thank you both, your comments are just the boost I needed before seeing my BC Nurse and surgeon tomorrow xx