skull pain

Hi everyone

I had posted previously about pain i was having at the back of my skull and whether i should mention it to the gp. I was at the GP last week for something else and mentioned it in passing. She said she didn’t think it was the gland s but probably just aches and pain caused by the meds, however she wanted to let my onc know. He now wants to see me next week.

I feel like a fraud as surely i wouldn’t get pain there from anything cancer related. One side is much more tender than the other, its painful to the touch, i have also been feeling a bit sick.

Thanks to all


Anyone had anything similar? I am tempted to say to the onc to leave it as i don’t want to seem like a hypochondriac

sorry looks like ive posted this in the wrong catagory duh!!

I will reply anyway fuzzyface and maybe the moderator will move the thread for you. Before I was diagnosed with bone mets 6 years ago I had a lot of tenderness in my skull and it was sore to touch. I remember noticing it most particularly when i lay my head on the pillow. But I never associated it with cancer until the bonemets were dx and it was found in my skull as well as other areas. There could of course be innocent explanation of yours but don’t waste time getting it checked out. As I said mine was dx 6 yrs ago now and the treatment has been bisphosphonates with no real side effects. I am also on herceptin because my ca. is her2+++.


Thanks Dawn

I wont cancel the onc, never thought of skull mets. Heres hoping its nothing, mine isn’t sore when i lie in bed because of where it is but when i dry or brush my hair it really hurts and i can’t feel any reason for this. Been like this for about a month.

Thanks again



Hi Fuzzyface, I was dx recently august 25th and I am having my 2nd FEC on 6th of October. I also have very tender skull , speacially back of my skull very painful but I thought this may be due to FEC side effects as it is getting ready my will hair fall out soon sometime this week. Are you on any type of chemo ? it may be related to side effects. I am now worried for my skull pain , I will call my bcn tomorrow and ask her.

Best wishes and hope it is just a pain not related to cancer please let me know how did it go with your onc.

Hi everyone

I went to see the onc as planned and he thinks it is unlikely to be anything but sent me for a skull xray, i go back next week to get the results. I’m not sure though what a an xray would show.

Gul I’m not on any chemo at the moment i had fec and yes i did get very tender at the back of the skull when on it.

Dawn thanks for the push to keep the appointment, glad i did and hopefully it will be nothing. I have been having bad headaches over the last 2 days but it’s probably just stress

Take care

F x

I do hope it is nothing to worry about fuzzyface - but it is always better to get these things checked out.


just read this post …and has got me worried as my scull hurts to tutch it to …i thought it mite be because my hair is starting to grow back …but i think i will get it checked out as after reading this it has got me thinking …

sal x

My skull was hurting a couple weeks ago, and on a couple of nights it hurt when i laid down at night. The pain has been in different places of the skull but not at the same time.As i’m on FEC i’m putting it down to my hair falling out causing it as the two co incided.
I,m not going to mention anything to my onc next monday when i see her as i’m still trying to cope with primary diagnosis.

I am so sorry if my post has some of you really worried :). I think when you are on chemo with hair either coming or going it can make the scalp so very tender. I never lost my hair on any of the chemos I was on, but one of them it thinned a lot and I remember then how sore it felt and odd. I think in your situations it is much more likely to be the cause.


Not to worry yourself Dawn its nice to know makes you more awear,of things as there is nothing wrong with asking …puts your mind at rest and somr times you wont to know good and bad …human nature …

sal xxx

Hi there,
just to let you know I had a bad headache for 10 WEEKS after staring chemo, it had all the signs of being somehting bad and I went for loads of scans etc and no-one could say what it might be.
But scans came back fine and now it has just eased off for no particular reason! So it may be nothing at all, I think mine may have been either stress or something mechanical in the way I was sleeping…who knows.
But it was very worrying and I hope yours turns out to be “just one of those things” too

Hi, I would like to share it with you ladies who has pain with their scalp due to hair falling or growing. I have been having so much problems with my scalp very painful and burning and rush small spots on my back of my head where I am losing hair. I have very dry scalp anyway and I use Tgel shampoo which is helping a lot. This is the worse side effect I get from my FEC treatment , I only had my second yet.

Anyway I suggest it is worth trying aloe vera plant , I have tried and really helped cooled down my scalp and ease the pain and this was suggested by pro therapist so I tried with no worry. I also used on my face feels great , I know someone using it for years and she has great skin at age 60+

You can buy a plant and cut every day a piece and half it with a knife and use massage the gel into your scalp, also it is good to use it on your chemo day as it helps with hair. Today I have planted two new ones incase if I run out of it and I gave up on my expensive clarins untiwrinkle creams :slight_smile:

Hi Fuzzyface, how did it go with your test results? I hope you are well and test results are good as expected.

Love xxx