Sleeping tablets safe to take with Tamoxifen

Can anyone Recommend a sleeping tablet that can be taken with Tamoxifen? I can get off to sleep ok but jolt awake in the early hours and am wide awake and really struggle to get back to sleep, this has been going on for weeks and I’m worn out! Any suggestions would be much appreciated thank you JO xx

Hi Jo

I have been taking Nytol for some months during all this crazy time and it has been a godsend.  As for it interacting with Tamoxifen I dont know but if uncertain I would ask my pharmacist who is a font of all knowledge.  I have just this week decided to cut it down and it has been without any ill effect although I now wake again in the early hours so am contemplating what comes next.  I had no hangover effect or side effects with Nytol and they come in two strengths so you have a choice to take one large dose or two small or one small.  

Hope you find a solution.

Best wishes



Hi Jo

I’m completely the same, how long have you been on Tamoxifen? I’ve been taking it since last October and am gradually getting more sleep, maybe things will get better with time

Sorry I haven’t been much help

Hope you get some much needed rest soon

Erica xx


I’ve only been on it for 5 weeks but I find it’s making me jolt awake and with my heart pounding, I’ve been taking an antidepressent called Venlafaxine as well which is supposed to be helping me but I’m not sure it is, I have bought some nytol and Kalms today to try and see if they help, my dr was reluctant to give me any sleeping pills but I may have to go back and see if he will have a change of heart, it’s distressing enough but at least a good nights sleep would make a difference, thank for replying ladies, much appreciated xx