Small lump in one breast, strange mark on the other

Hi, i’m just after a bit of advice as to whether i should be concerned about a small finger nail sized rash that’s appeared on right my breast? Its a pale reddish brown and slightly raised, also it’s not itchy or sore and doesn’t change colour when pressed.

I went to the Dr about a week ago after finding a small lump in my left breast she check both my breasts and said it was most likely a small cyst caused by hormones during my period but offered to refer me to a specilast for peace of mind. 4 days later this mark has appeared on my right breast.

I haven’t been contacted about my referral yet and think beacuse i’m under 30 it can be up to 6 weeks before i get my appointment. Should i go back to the Dr (i dont want to waist their time) or just wait for my appointment with the specialist?



Well I would make an apt with your GP, for nothing else just so that she knows about the other change as it sounds as if it was not there when you saw her last, you could also check with her how long you will have to wait for the referral as well.  It will also give you a bit of peace of mind. You would never be wasting their time because it is something you are concerned about xx

Hi Ladybowler, Thank you for replying.

I think i will take your advice and make an appointment to see my gp again, if nothing else she will let me know if the mark is a concern or not. And if it is hopefully they will refer me sooner. Xx