Small pea sized lump

Hi everyone,

So I’ve had a small hard pea sized lump at the bottom of my left breast for around a month, possibly more. I first assumed it would turn our to be a big spot as unfortunately at 27 years old I still get them and often on my chest!

I went to my family planning clinic yesterday for my contraceptive pill and during the questions they ask about lumps I haven’t has checked out, so I described it and said I was sure it was going to be just a spot. She got the doctor who had a quick examine and said it’s not the skin tissue it’s definitely breast tissue so I should make an appointment with my GP to get referred to the breast clinic.

I’ve got an appointment at GP tomorrow but now actually really worried my GP will brush it off and say I’m too young and not refer me? I’ve got no family history of BC so I’m worried they’ll say it’s nothing. Of course I’m worrying and just want the answers now. I’m also having to stop taking the Pill for a while as they said they can’t give me them until I have it checked out incase it is something serious. My husband is supportive. I’m on holiday in 2.5 weeks too and if it’s not all done by then it’s going to cause me worry during my holiday.

Hello Tulips5

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As well as the support you will receive on the forums we also have a free helpline where you can talk things through with a member of staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.

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Hi Tulip, trust your instincts and if it dosen’t feel right insist on a breast clinic appointment.  A small pea sized lump maybe cancer or it may not be and you will only know for sure if you get it checked out.  If you have only had it for a short time, even if it is something worrying, the chances of making a full recovery are much higher if you’re treated early.  you never know, it maybe nothing, but uncertainty is a horrible thing. Take care, x

Thank you. I’m not very good at being assertive but I’ll try. I might be worrying over nothing as she might just refer me no problem.

So an update. Lovely female GP. She didn’t seem too concerned about my lump because of where it is but then when checking everywhere else remarked my breasts are really lumpy? I thought that was normal! She referred me and put it as ‘urgent’ and reception told me my appointment will be on Wednesday 11th. So at least it’s soon and it’ll be over and done with.

Been to GP now. Didn’t seem too concerned about my lump because of where it is but then remarked I have lumpy breasts which I didn’t realise and thought were normal.

She marked my referral as urgent and the reception got an appointment for me on Wednesday morning so not too long to wait.

Appointment is tomorrow, feeling really nervous today. So glad it’s so quick after visiting doctor especially as I’m on holiday in just under 2 weeks time.

Try not to worry too much. Most bumps are harmless and at least you will have peace of mind for your holiday. X

So I went to the clinic today and was in less than an hour. A quick check by the doctor who said it feels like a bit of skin, had an ultrasound and then back to the doctor who took 2 seconds to confirm it was indeed that, just a lump of skin! Had the option to remove it but it’s not bothering me so seems pointless going for surgery.  Big sigh of relief.

So pleased for you. You can relax now! Take care xx