Smallest silicone implant?

Hi all,


Still got my original Beckers in [from 2000 and 2006].

Want to replace, as the oldest one has bad ‘knuckles’,[due to it being too big, so it ‘folded’]…

However as I was originally small, wanted to stay small, and never topped up with saline,

it sounds like smallest silicone implant would make me look bigger [100 mls [?] as opposed to 65 of un-filled

Beckers…but dont know what volume the empty part of it takes up? Bit perplexed they can’t tell me!

Curious to know if anyone has smaller permanent implant, and whether NHS or private?

Thanks ! Sorry if this is trivial compared to most probs…

Can relate yet, I have the smallest DIEP my PS has ever made!  Small and beautiful has proven to be a difficult match and that is ok.  It’s for me and what I want is what counts.  Wishing you a smooth transition and desried outcome.

Hi I ve got small implants . I went from32aa to b/c cup
I had treatment on the nhs and it was the only option for me as I’m quite slim
I’m very pleased with the result
Good luck