smarties decision

Dearest Smartie
Although I am om holiday I had to post to you I admire your decision I fully understand why you have made the choice to stop treatments being pumped up with chemo for
so many years must get you to the stage where enough is enough.
Will you try alternative methods like eating or doing the things that others have tried and succeeded in.
I wish all the best for the future and hope you enjoy your life to the fullest. Please stay in touch we would all love to hear from you and how you get on.
Sending you loads of ((((((((hugs))))))) and much love xxx

Yes, absolutely Marirose, I should have asked that! There seems to be quite a few alternative therapies out there, many less traumatic for the body. _Smartie, you might find one of them helpful in _some way…not sure  why my typing suddenly went llike this? 


talk soon,