Had cut right down and used the excuse of chemo to have a few the night before my chemo.I had been diagnosed with cancer so thought get a grip and give it up.At my third session of chemo I gave it up and the chemo helped me stay off it as my desire was weak and the odd time I had a puff it was disgusting and burned my throat, so I feel that chemo helped me to stay off them.
Good luck

I’ve never smoked and don’t like the smell of smoke but each to their own and I think the treatment is hard to get through without putting pressure on yourself to quit now. Smoking is not proved to be linked to bc, so no need to feel guilty. When you’re through the worst of the treatment you can quit if you decide you have enough on already now.

Hi I’m a non smoker but remember when my OH gave it up about 15 years ago,he was so irritable and stressed.I really don’t think you need that sort of pressure at the moment you’v got enough to deal with.Get all this out of the way and then see how you feel.

Wishing you all the best with your treatment Melxx

Hi, I’m a non-smoker too, but agree with the others - all the stress of bc and treatments is not the time to give up - unless you want to of course and it helps you.

Good luck with it all. Stella xx

thankyou all