Hi ladies i finished rads 11 days ago the trouble is my skin its realy dark brown and very itchy its also shreeding like snake skin underneath is very pink it this the norm or is it another little hiccup on my journey

Anybody got any answers for me its driving me mad

I had terrible skin after I finished RADs I got some cream from the GP which was magic! not only did it stop the itchyness but it cleared it all up in about two days. It was on prescription though so can’t be bought at a chemist. I now have a square on my chest which is a bit darker than the skin around it but is pink and healthy and I have no problems at all. I finished my RADs at begining Oct this year. Hope that helps x

will phone gp on monday thanks

Have you tried slapping loads of aqueous cream on? It should soften the peeling bits and make it less itchy. Even if it just helps a bit until you can see your GP. I’ve got some really scaly bits where wounds were slow to heal and the aqueous cream is helping with those.

The ‘radiance gel/cream’ sold by the Penny Brohn cancer care centre has been shown to be more effective than aqueous gel/cream. their number is01275 370112 (shop). they also run free residentials for people with cancer. I’ve been on one and it was fantastic. hope this helps

Went to gp got some fucibet cream stopped the itching but very red raw is this normal i wasnt aware my skin wud flake just thought when i finished rads that would be it

Unfortunately it’s normal, and the side effects usually get worse for a few weeks after finishing rads before they get better. Seems to be usual for the underside of the breast to get the worst of it, plus the nipple.
Hang on in there!
Sarah x

how are you now?? i used lots of aqueous cream, too. Have you told your rads team?? mine gave me some dressings, which helped too. I also have eczema on my breast.

I too was shocked at the skin reaction after about a week - having had no problems during the treatment. I phoned the rads team and they told me that, as the skin was raw, to stop using aqueous cream and get a prescription for Aquaform gel. I got some last Friday and it doesn’t seem any better - spreading if anything. They also advised going without a bra and letting the air to it - but I have large boobs and that would really frighten the horses! I am seeing the GP tomorrow and just hope it clears up soon.

Im doin ok most of my flaky skin has stopped keep puttin cream on that i got of gp my mx scar is still very dark in colour but it was a new scar of 5 weeks before i started rads fingers crossed