SNB AND MX on thursday

Snb and single MX on Thursday 24… I have no idea what to expect … I am guessing lots of ladies have been here . so could u tell me please… People have been scare mongering me about not waking after the anastetic and surgery xx

I have NEVER had any type of surgery… Big or small…so no idea as to what the procedure is… All I know is b there by 7am xx

Try and not listen to the scare mongerers.It is a scary time.Just let them look after you.Keep us posted as to how you do

I will merely repeat to you what my anaesthetist said to me as I lay there in tears on the trolley awaiting my SNB… “I’ve been doing this job 11 years and I’ve never had anyone not come back”. Made me feel better anyway!

I had my SNB first then MX, ANC and LD Flap reconstruction a couple of weeks later. It’s all very doable… and they’re very good at making sure that you’re pretty much pain free after. (and this comes from one of the biggest wusses ever… I’m such a baby when it comes to this sort of thing!)

It’s all much more horrible in your head than it will be in reality. That’s not going to stop you stressing, I know, but it really isn’t that bad! Hugs x

Thanks jillybee559…will do hun x

The nerves are a terrible thing aren’t they mell66… In a way I will be glad when its done. Stop the emagination working over time… Thanks hun will remember them words on the day xx

Hi jojo. .Thankx for the tips hun. Much appreciated…can’t wait for the sexy stockings lol. . Not much sleep to night for me I think as nerves are coming out to play but so want this thing outta me and to b over that ime actually anxious to get it over with and make some headway and move forward… will check in when I wake up a little bit lighter :wink: xx

Hi lolly73. . Good luck to u on Friday … Please keep us up dated how u get on… I have to say I am having snb and mx tomi and the waiting has been the hardest so far… just the nit knowing if it’s spreading etc and getting worse and have been dreading my day for weeks but to b honest. Now tomo can’t come soon enough just so I can get this thing outta me and move forward with my life… your nerves are and will continue to b felt hun and I can only sympathise with you… It can be horrendous the places your mind can take u… stay strong hun… your stronger than you emagine… good luck for Friday and check in with us when your up and running xxx

Thanku hun… just waiting patiently now for surgery… half 11 am xx

Postponed til half 4. .5pm