SNB and then tamoxifen - hopefully!!

I was initially told BC on 3rd Feb and then received the good news that the tumour was hr+ with no evidence of any spread to lymph nodes a week later.The treatment plan i’ve been given is SNB and then if clear it’ll be tamoxifen to shrink the tumour and then lumpectomy and rads. I’m due to have SNB on thursday, and I know it’s not half as bad as what others posting have gone through, but i’ve never had an operation. As the day draws closer i’m getting more scared, I think it might be easier if i actually felt ill. I’ve been looking unsuccessfully through posts to see if anyone has gone this route of trying to shrink the tumout via something other than chemo, it would be nice to hear if anyone has.

hi mickey,im sure someone will come along to help you soon,i have never heard of goin on tomoxafen to shrink a lump,i thought only chemo could do that.take care dawn

Don’t want to disappoint you but how can they be sure it’s not spread to your lymph nodes before doing a biopsy? They obviously want to do a SNB to ensure just that.

All the best for Thursday and beyond!

Hi Mickey,

I was diagnosed in October 2007 but other health problems delayed surgery until January 2008. As a ‘stop-gap’ or holding measure I was put on Letrozole (another hormone treatment). The surgeon then told me that this hormone treatment had shrunk the tumour and I therefore didn’t need as much tissue removed as previously planned. I then went on to have a WLE (lumpectomy) and axillary node clearance followed by 25 sessions of radiotherapy.

Hope this helps.


Hi can´t really advice different Dx but this should bump you up…good luck.

Teresa x

Hi Mickey,

I can’t speak from personal experience as I had my lumpectomy & SNB together first, then tamoxifen. However, one of the other women in the ward with me had had tamoxifen first.

Good luck for tomorrow and fingers crossed for a clear sentinel node.

Eliza xx

Thanks for the replies, had SNB yesterday - came home with the obligatory blue boob and blue wee.
Another long week of waiting now until I get the results.

Bye for now

The waiting is the worst…

Hi all, sorry for not posting sooner but have been trying to get my head round things and life has been a hectic round of tests and appointments. Well not good news - the 3 nodes that were taken all had cancer cells so now on chemo 4 x fec and 4 x tax, then lumpectomy and total node clearance then rads and then tamoxifen. The BCN was very nice and went through the all the possible side effects including hair loss but said to try the cold cap. Went to seen the onc and one of the first things she said was that I did realise I would lose my hair, I said I was trying the cold cap and she said not to bother as I would lose it all with the tax so I might as well get it over and done with. Well I had my first FEc yesterday and the nurses were all very nice, I did try the cold cap it was painful to begin with but it did wear off after a few minutes. I did take paracetamol before and drunk so much fluids through the day and afterwards that I was in the loo every few minutes. Only side effect so far is nausea, just waiting to see if any others are going to kick in later.
Take care all

Best of luck with the treatment. I’ve had 2 chemos now and used cold cap both times, but loads of hair coming out and have a bald patch on top of head where I knew cap didn’t fit snugly, but otherwise, still ok to go out without a wig. I’d persevere with cap and just see what happens. Hopefully you’ll keep most of it, although expect thinning from about day 14 post chemo.