SNB on thursday - steristrips starting to peel off


Hoping someone can help.


I had SNB on thursday.  I was told to leave the main dressing on for 48 hours and that the steristrips should remain in place but may start to peel off of their own accord. If they hadn’t come off by day 14, I could carefully remove them myself.


It’s only day 3 and the strips are really starting to peel off… I’m wondering if they’ll even last the day! Is it ok if they come off this early or should I make an appointment at my GP clinic to get it re-stuck tomorrow?

Hi Mel, it does seem a bit soon to lose them - I’d phone my GP and get the nurse to re-do them. Bye for now, take care, Jo x

They usually come off on their own accord.Have you any tape you can pop on at the edges?just to hold them in place .