Snow, snow, and more snow!!!!!!

30 inches of a white blanket… 45 mph wind…which equals .762 meters…I think the wind is like 72 kph

Where do you live ? We have sunshine would love snow x x

Well wrap up and enjoy the snow ! X x


I hope you are managing to keep warm the weather is strange we went to my son’s after Christmas for the New Year first time abroad in 2 years because of treatment. Usually the sky slopes near by are covered in snow but when we got there they were brown and it was too warm for the snow blow machines. Although we did get a fall of snow before we left but the rain followed it apparently they have power cuts due to the heavy snow I heard you were getting power cuts I hope if you did get one it didn’t last long.

Well it is always nice to hear from you maybe we could meet up at the cafe we are having a ball and Marie and Chocolates are up to their crazy banter.


Sending love and hugs xxx



It sounds really great were you live we enjoy caravaning and used to go camping so I know what you mean about having the equipment to help you out. Didn’t you do well with the shoveling I bet you felt good with yourself I know when I am on a roll and can do more than usual I feel I have achieved something as my mobility has got less with MS and now C in both legs.I used to be so active never still and now I feel a wreck but I still don’t give in to the annoyance of my Hubby who tries to stop me doing things.

Well FF it looks as though the storm has left you now and we are getting the remains but it will only be wind and rain of which we are used to.


Keep well and safe sending you best wishes xxx