So chilly without breasts!

On a slightly trivial note - has anyone noticed how much chillier it is without breasts!!! I had bilat Mx in Feb and noticed how I have often needed to wear an extra layer but in this extreme cold it’s even worse. I was quite generous breasted before so they obviously contributed a lot to maintaining my body temp. My softies don’t really help that much! Anybody else noticed the same???

I was going to post something similar! I had a left mx a couple of weeks ago, and I keep shuddering all along the excision line! The other boob is not in the least bothered, but it’s a very strange feeling!!

Sophie xx

I have not realy found that I was chilly without my breasts however, with no lady forest after chemo I found that chilly when I went to the loo !!

Yes I noticed that too - I also had bilateral mx last feb when it was as snowy as it is now and felt really cold in the chest area. Another thing I noticed was that I could feel cold drinks going down - felt like iced water trickling down my chest!

Hey ladies.
Never mind chilly without breasts- try putting a freezing cold prosthesis in your bra-soon wakes you up!!!
Im gonna keep mine in bed with me for the mornings.

Keep warm, take care and glad we can continue to laugh in the face of adversity!!!

I agree and the foobs just don’t seem to warm up much through the day at the moment. Do they do a heated version or can we microwave them?

Hmmm. I get measured for mine on 21st Dec… sounds like it may not get an airing until the weather warms up!

Oh, thanks all of you, I’ve just had a really good laugh at your comments re chilly prostheses, specially yours Cathie (Everton Babe) - I might try that myself, but only on days when my cat isnt in bed with me (!). I’ve only the one, but yes, mine feels cold to the touch when I pick it up, but surprisingly when I put it inside my bra, it’s ok. Could it be the sort of bra I’m wearing - Mona by Amoena!??

I also feel cold without my breast, and can feel cold drinks going down - couldn’t believe it at first, so glad i’m not on my own with it!

I had three pints of blood after my mx, so keep joking the people who’d donated the blood must be much less “nesh” (feeling cold) than me. I gave blood myself for years, so hope there aren’t a lot of cold people out there as a result of receiving my red stuff - lol!)

Luv to everyone! xx