So confused after breast clinic appointment- awaiting biopsy results?

I found a lump in my right breast about 10 weeks ago never thought much of it but 5 weeks later it was still there so made an appointment with my GP and was given an urgent referral to the breast clinic. I’ve not really been concerned because I know it’s most likely to be a benign breast condition of some sort and I’m only 25 so overall at much lower risk. Anyway, I went to the breast clinic appointment on Wednesday and the consultant confirmed what I was thinking that it was probably a fibroadenoma but sent me for ultrasound. 2 lumps were visible on the ultrasound, one 8mm and the other 1.3cm. The doctor took a biopsy from each lump and explained that it was probably fibroadenomas and that it shouldn’t be anything to worry about & sent me back to the consultant. The consultant explained all about fibroadenomas and vitamins I could take that might help etc and seemed pretty cheery I was not at all made to feel concerned. She then explained I will get a letter confirming their findings from the ultrasound with an appointment date and time to go back and discuss the results of the biopsy and explained the possibility of having to get more biopsies done? I’m just wondering why if they are pretty positive its fibroadenomas then why take biopsies? Is that normal? & why do I need to go back to discuss the results if there is no cancer? Would they not just call and say it’s all clear? I don’t know if I’m being paranoid now but I don’t really know what to expect now and I’m so confused.