So confused now!!

So at ultrasound was told is a lymph node.(2 weeks ago) and id get written confirmation

Great end of story…im.not sick…

But…rang and asked if docs would discuss further as wasnt really happy with what i was told…no explanation other than swollen node.

Was told 5 weeks to get a call.

Have now recieved a letter to go to “breast surgery” dpt on 12oct.

Rang and asked what the appt was for amd told “to meet surgeon and discuss what happens next”

Back to square one with the not knowing and worry!

Hi Vanessa!
I replied already in the other thread, but better do here as well now. Please don’t assume the worst now, my bet is that they referred you for a biopsy. With lymph nodes, the whole node is taken out for a biopsy, so they couldn’t do this in the breast clinic. So your insisting has helped, they check it further now! And they even took care to get a breast surgeon for taking it out, and not the usual clinic that would be responsible for lymph nodes- so you don’t have to worry they’d mess up the look of your breast. This is how I interpret this referral. Hope I could calm you a bit x Nicole