So dry and itches like crazy......

Hello, since I have taken Tamoxifen, my skin has become so dry and I have resolved this with plenty of good moisturising. However, I could not resolve the dryness at my vagina - labia area. Initially, when I went to the Gynae, he said it is a fungal infection, took the meds and obviously, it is not!! Concluded that the itchiness is due to extreme dryness. Sometimes the itchiness is so maddening that I scratched till it blistered. Using feminine wash meant for menopausal women and also moisturiser…but only giving temporary relief. This is driving me up the walls!! Any ladies out there who can help …thank you.

I am taking Letrazole (an oestrogen blocker) but the symptoms seem the same.Took me ages to get it sorted but with my sisters on this site and a new young GP think I have it under control.

I use Vagifem sparingly

YES feminine wash daily and then YES lubricant if I ever get aroused enough to try intimacy  which unfortunately is rare at the moment but still working on that.

I moisturise after the YES wash, with Epaderm twice daily…my vagina is smoother than my face !!!

But not dry and itchy any more.

It is a ritual however I left my Epaderm at the gym recently and panicked big style. because it needs to be something paraben free that I use.

The YES lubricant is available on prescription but not the wash for some reason Another product I use is SANEX Zero Shower gel.

I try to find anything which is organic or least chemical free.

Hope this helps

Sending positive thoughts


Hi jbelle, I also suffered from dry skin, I got a moisturiser on prescription called diprobase very good. So for your other problem, I get ReplensMD on prescription too it’s very good. I had tamoxifen for a couple of years and had severe fatigue. Changed to monthly Zoladex injections and the dryness and fatigue have both calmed down a lot . find this helpful. Take care

Hi was on tamoxifen for 2 years, changed to monthly Zoladex injections. Fatigue not as often, hot flushes and night sweats terrible and weight gain. Saw my oncologist he prescribed a daily tablet of venlafaxine for the hot flashes and night sweats took about 4 weeks to work but a huge difference, if I do get one it’s do small and does not last long I’d say they have reduced by about 30% as for the few extra pounds…doing more walking to try and trying to curb my sweet tooth…

I was on Tamoxifen then Exemestane as well as having 3 years of Zoladex injections. I’ve posted on here before about various things I’ve tried for vaginal soreness and I’m now seeing a gynaecologist who specialises in menopausal symptoms. She’s recommended a number of things and I’m currently using Vagifem plus a vaginal wash, moisturiser and lubricant so we’ll see how we go. I’m seeing her privately and self-funding so I said to my husband the other day that I must have the most pampered (and most expensive) vagina in Kent! 

Greetings from the US. Heidi from N.J who just happen upon this site when needing support and other women who were in the same situation as I. I appreciate the honesty and openness of you all so thank you. 

When it comes to our bodies we know best. My medical oncologist is a man, so lets be real, has no idea about a vagina. I’ve told him as much with great respect. ( totally being serious ) I basically told him that when a woman feel their bottoms it’s a bad day…when a man feel their penis it’s a fabulous day. So I decided to help myself. I too am on Tamoxifen and it has kicked my ass in many ways. I don’t want breast cancer to rule and or control my life. I fell into a few DEEP depressions but, the last one lasted a month. NO JOY AT ALL. I felt done… but, not suicidal, just deep dispair and was not living, just existing and taking up space. My breast surgeon said that Tamoxifen was the reason and prescripted VANLAFAXINE 37.5 MG = game changer. I’m not saying the sky is bluer however, my anger, BITCHINESS/RAGE , sadness and my questioning myself has stopped. Ladies, don’t be hard on yourselves. You deserve gentleness, understanding and self love for yourselves and loved ones. The ones that show up with support and respect. My husband doesn’t win any prizes or gold stars and I’ve stopped looking to him for them. He is only capable to be who he is and I must take care of me. I do love him but, I come first right now. 

So…ladies I hope this company is available to you all for the vagina dryness and discomfort. 

Carlson Labs Key-E Suppositories with Natural Vitamin E 24 Twin Pack, Toal 48 Count

Carlson Laboratories

 No i don’t represent this company I buy it on amazon. Every night if needed and sex isn’t happening, insert this supposiitory which is all natural, no chemicals and be comfortable again. I use it every night and feel like me again. It’s just vitamin E and coconut oil. I don’t experience dryness, am comfortable everyday and reorder always…I hope this helps everyone of you and Carlson Labs can keep up with the supply and demand. Take care, sending love and support.



Two and a half years on each. I also visited a medical herbalist for a while and she prescribed marigold (calendula) products for healing the tissues. It did improve things a bit actually. Good luck!

The gynae told me to wash with aqueous cream, so far so good. I also when slapping on the E45, slap it on down there as well. I have been on Tamoxifen for nearly two months, and so far so good. Actually feel rather well and stable on it. Was dreading it.

Hi - You may have lichen sclerosis - mine took 3 years post chemo to diagnose so obviously not something gynaes see that often. Perhaps worth checking out.