So glad I came back here

So glad I came back here

So glad I came back here I had a Mastectomy at Christmas,and have been flitting back and forth here,but I have the pain and sore feeling in my arm too,but was too worried to look here,now I know its normal,its not so bad,sometimes its npot so bad,but this weekend I had my first long trip in a car,a hour and a half,not me driving,and the same time back,and today I am so sore,mustr be the hard back of the seat,thanks folks,I feel a bit better.

Hi - nice to see you back. How have you been getting on with the post mastectomy exercises? Have they helped with your arm? Also, do you swim? I found that really helpful to get my arm feeling normal again - nothing too athletic, just breast stroke.

best wishes


Hi again Yes I have been doing my exercises,the ones in the booklet they give you.I dont swim,I dont think I could if I did,if you know what I mean,are there any other execises I should do do you know,thanks for the welcome back,it certainly helps,eh.

Yoga Hiya NannyPat,
Still early days for you. Isn’t it frustrating how long it takes to heal up? Some very gentle stretching exercises might help. A qualified yoga teacher should be able to help,there might be specialist classes near you (your bc nurse could be the one with info)
Glad you’re back! xx