So glad to find this and see that I'm not alone!

My story:


Had a date for a routine mammogram 27 June - I’m 54 -and thought nothing of it - just routine I said.
Then 2weeks later got the letter to go back for further investigation - in 3 days! (15july)

I still turned up thinking it’ll just be something silly - so didn’t really stress - but then had to have more mammograms plus ultrasound - and then was told you need to come back for a biopsy… This was on the Friday - and they suggested a biopsy on the Monday!!!
Wow - this is the NHS - I thought I’d been kicked in the stomach.
But then told ‘no hurry - it’s just calcifications, the biopsy can wait’ … So really confused over the mixed messages.

But didn’t want to put it off - so booked for the following Friday. (22july) Was told results would be 2 weeks - longest 2 weeks of my life (todate!!)
Then the morning of the results got a phone all to say results weren’t back from pathology - it would be another week . :frowning:
so finally get a call last Friday to say ’ they need to do another biopsy - as they have found atypical cells’… And I’m booked in for 26aug for the 2nd biopsy… Aaarrrrggggghhhhh

it it feels like it’s neverending - I feel like a fraud - I don’t have a lump, I don’t have any malignant cells - just ‘atypical’ ones, but I feel permanently sick and stressed. I don’t think I can cope with another month of waiting :frowning:


and I’m absolutely dreading the next core biopsy!! Am I just being a wimp? I found it horrendous - and to be honest I’ve had nightmares about it since - and that was before knowing I had to go through it again… I know the doc said ‘don’t look’ but seriously - you are right in front of my eyes - and I was there for ages in that damn machine (45mins?). Also didn’t help when the BCN described it as ‘gruesome’ when trying to chat in the ‘after’ room.


It doesn’t help that the BCN said ‘if they find more atypical cells they’ll probably want to remove it. But we’ll just take one step at a time…’ So I keep thinking - they say it’s only calcifications, it’s not malignant, but they’ll want to chop off my left boob…


i must admit that patience has never been one of my virtues!! This waiting is the worst part…


thanks for listening!


I am in similar situation. Had my mammogram 2 weeks ago got recall letter last wed. Thought it may be related to another illness I have. Apparently not. Had another mammogram yesterday. Then saw consultant. Then had biopsy same as you. Thought boob would come out like a doughnut. Results week tomorrow. May be something may not be. Looks suspicious. They said even if it is its treatable. Trying to stay calm and positive. Boob feels like been punched X

Just taken steri strips and dressings off. Starting to bruise already X