so i have a lump and drawn in nipple... but nothing showed on mammaogram or scan

so… i had a core biopsy and i get the results soon.

I had read lots before i went to the clinic but i think i was just mega-phased that nothing showed up when there is clearly something so different. So… despite being normally bright i failed to ask what nothing showing on mam and scan might mean. I think this was because i expected something to show! I think it underlines the importance of writing things down before you go.

I have been reading lots of the pages on the forum before signing up and I think it is wonderful how supportive people are.

I went to the clinic alone by choice but lots of people there clearly felt better having their special someone with them. I live alone except for the cat and I have not told my family about this yet for a variety of reasons - principally because there is nothign they can do - my kids are busy at uni, my mum is elderly and my sis is just goign back to work after having breast cancer treatment. I have told friends and they have been wonderful.

gah and a typo in mammogram!!!


When I got my diagnosis I was told that mammograms only pick up max 80% abnormalities; I had 2 tumours and neither showed up.

For BRCA1/2 carriers then mammograms pick up less than 25% of abnormalities.

I wish you clear results, I really do.


P.S. Nothing wrong with going to appointments alone, out of choice. People think it’a a bit odd but they’ve got used to my weird ways!

thank you. i think sometimes it is easier to be alone and get on with it… when i have company in bad times i just go a bit pathetic… still, i am now goign out for a horribly expensive but v nice meal!!!

I had a pulled in nipple, nothing showed on the mammogram or ultrasound. I was told that there are a variety of reasons why the nipple could pull in and also remember that the vast majority of lumps are not cancerous. Mine did turn out to be DCIS which is an early form of breast cancer.

The waiting is by far the worst time and it is easy to forget what to ask at consultations. I take in a notebook with me where I have written down questions but even then somethig unexpected happens and you forget to ask somehting. If you would like someone to go with you could you ask one of your friends who knows the situation?

I hope your biopsy comes back clear, take care

I was told my lump was definitely not cancer when I had the biopsies. When I had the lump out I was told it was cancer. i went alone to the appt as I didn’t think there was anything to tell me. After that I normally had somebody there to take notes of what they told me. My mother is 80 now and was one of the people who came with me. I was very cagey in the early stages about telling anyone as my dad had just had a heart bypass op when I found my lump and he was still recovering from surgery, which involved having all his ribs sawn apart at the age of 83. He was the first person I told though from the family when I was diagnosed 6 months after finding the lump


Cassie and Mole - thank you, I have not been hiding from any of the options… we all hope it won’t be us. But i guess we all know how waiting feels.

Mole, waiting and watching - been there done it too with my dad and cancer. It is hard and i can remember thinking, i do not want my children to ever have to do this. yet sitting, waiting and holding my dad’s leg - mum was at the top end - was also ok, he had fought a fight i never thought he would - he was such a wuss about illness but the cancer he hit head on and worked against till he got too tired. I still miss him. i still talk to him in my head.

the meal was hideously expensive, rather poor… and i went into complaint mode… insisted on paying for the whole thing so i can write to Folio chain and say - no i didn’t accept reduction, i just want to say what i think. the friend i was with said… hmmm you are rather engaging when you do this!!!

and bless he has accepted the potentially hard job of being with me tomorrow.

thank you… take care

and i have now joined the cancer club…i have invasive lobulalr cancer and follwing an MRI scan will have a mastectomy. my sister who had the same cancer this time last year is great support to me

Hi rjenr2

I am sorry to read of your recent diagnosis. You may find BCC’s resource pack useful, it has been designed for those newly diagnosed. The pack is free of charge as are all our publications. If you would like a copy just follow the link below:

I hope this is of some help to you.

Kind regards

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