So much going on - confusing

Hi I’m new here and. I waiting to go for my appointment at my local hospital . I saw my G.P last night after a few weeks of wondering if I was imagining things.
my left breast has been itchy for a while and getting more so every day. It’s a deep itch around the nipple and on the breast itself.
I haven’t changed washing powders, soaps lotions etc . I haven’t been wearing any new Bra’s or Pyjamas,either.
I was on a course of antibiotics for an ear infection and thought maybe I had an allergic reaction to them But the itch got worse even after stopping them.
I woke up a week ago and couldn’t lift my left arm. I had a lot of pain in the top of the arm and redness and swelling around my bicep area, this is also itchy . I have pain under my arm and into my arm pit.
my left breast is very tender and I have shooting pains into the nipple but from,within the breast , like there’s something inside twisting it. I can’t feel any definite lump but my breast is “lumpy” and I have a red sore that appeared yesterday , it looks like a graze on the top of my breast , above the nipple.
something I did think of that I forget to tell my doctor was that I had a wet sensation on my T shirt a couple of times, like my nipple was leaking but there wasn’t anything there.
my GP was very thorough in her exam and referred me,to the hospital . I got call this afternoon with an appointment at the breast clinic on the 14 th .
i am 48 and had a mammogram 6 yeas ago for a thickening in a milk duct which was nothing to be worried about.
i have rheumatoid arthritis ( for 15 years) and was diagnosed with. Hypothyroidism 5 weeks ago .
I keep thinking Im wasting the hospitals time but at the same time I feel scared that there’s something really not good going on in my breast .
This is a great support forum. Thank you for listening to my fears

You aren’t wasting anyone’s time, least of all the hospital’s. It’s their job to investigate you - and treat if needs be. It’ll no doubt seem a long week until next Thursday but I hope you can get some support from this forum, friends/family - whatever or whoever you feel will help you most - or ALL of them. Once you have been seen then at least you know it’s in a specialist centre who are dealing with these issues every day. It’s no wonder you are frightened having all these symptoms. I’d just mention the dampness when you see the breast people - it won’t matter that you didn’t mention it to the GP.
Repeat - you are NOT wasting anyone’s time at all.

I couldn’t agree more. You are NOT wasting anyone’s time. That is why they are there - to investigate any odd behaviour in our breasts. I would write all your symptoms down to help you remember them to tell the hospital staff. Please let your friends and family in on this, and make sure someone dependable is with you when you go next week. You need help to remember everything that is said to you apart from the support. We have all been through this first hospital visit and we all know just how frightening the waiting is.
Good luck, and keep us informed xxxx

Hi Lissie

So sorry to hear you are having to go through this, waiting is so awful when all you want is for someone to tell you what is wrong. I too have rheumatoid arthritis, and a few other things, it does make life complicated. But like the others have said, you are NOT wasting anyone’s time. Even if it is only to put your mind at rest. I’m hoping for a good outcome for you, but as toriaconey said, use these forums to rant, cry, ask advice or questions, until you can get answers from the hospital.

sending you big hugs
Poemsgalore xxx

Hi Lissie and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support here our helpliners are on hand 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays if talking things over would help, the number to call is 0808 800 6000

I am posting a link to the BCC ‘Worried about breast cancer’ web page where you will find further information and a booklet called ‘Referral to the breast clinic’ which you may find helpful prior to your appointment so that you know what to expect:\_source=promo\_content&%3Butm\_medium=help\_you&%3Butm\_campaign=worried

Take care


Thank you so much for all your support , I am sograteful . I am really sorry though that you all have positive diagnosis But well done for having such positive outlooks on things.
poemsgalore, has your BC made any difference to your RA ?
Lucy, thank you your the link, I will take a look and will post again when I know what my results are

Hi Lissie
No my bc hasn’t made any difference to my RA. I did think it was, but that was during all that heavy rain we had and it’s improved since then. Oddly, even though I’ve had to stop using Methotrexate whilst on chemo (I just have 10mg of Leflunomide every day now) since my first chemo session on Tuesday 5th, all of my aches and pains in the morning have disappeared - hope that continues. But I was warned by another lady on here in same situation that once chemo stops, RA will kick in again. So I will probably have to restart Methotrexate jabs again - ho hum! But hope it won’t get to that for you, as still hoping you will have a good outcome. Good luck for the 14th.

Big hugs pg xx

Hi again

I got another huge shock tonight. While putting on moisturising g lotion I have just found a lump in the crease where my arm meets my breast and a large swelling between my breasts . It’s a hard swelling like a stone. It doesn’t hurt . I thought maybe I was imagining it due to worrying over my appointment next week but my husband said its definitly there.
I don’t know much about BC apart from what I read so I don’t know if this is like anything anyone else has ever discovered . My appointment can’t come soon enough now .
Thanks for listening