So much waiting

@donna_51 I felt a bit likevthat at my pre op too. They couldn’t get a normal blood pressure as i was so scared so I had an ECG. Then the nurse took it away to be looked at by dr and she came back and I was crying. I was scared she’d found something wrong with my heart. She hadn’t thankfully. I guess I am not that used to medical tests and appointments (though I am now).

You will be fine for your op on 18th. Before you know it you will be waking up in recovery enjoying your pain relief and lunch. Just remember to do those exercises because after the axillary clearance you will feel stiff and sore. I hope it goes well and I’m sure it will. Only 2 weeks for results for you so my 6 week wait for mine will be in the same week as you hopefully get yours.

Hopefully good news for us both soon. X