So scared and worried

Hi all,


Reaching out for some help and advice.


I was diagnosed in September 2014 and finished surgeries, chemo, rads etc in July 2015.  I had a 3.5cm tumour and 3 macro positive nodes.


I have recently had a very sore right breast (cancer side) for about ten days, I went to the GP who examined me and listened to my chest, he said that I have pneumonia and the infection has spread to the soft tissue between my ribs. I have bee on anti-biotics since last Thursday - the pain is worse. I do have a really bad productive cough, so could I have pulled a muscle?


Today I saw a surgeon about reconstruction and he poked my rib and it really hurt and he has ordered a bone scan. I don’t want to go out of my mind with worry, but don’t know how to avoid it.


My ribs hurt when I breath in, and when I press on my boob, and yes, it hurts all of the time. The wire in my bra hurts too.


Can any of you experienced ladies let me know if my symptoms sound like rib mets?


Thanks so much for reading.

Hi Mr Munch,
It’s good that your surgeon is being thorough & has referred for a scan, but it’s certainly not good for the anxiety.
As you have an infection, the inflammation would certainly cause the pain, especially if the lining of the lung is involved & it’s usually worse on breathing in.
I had a very bad cold/flu earlier this year & some pain in the chest did persist for a few weeks afterwards.
Do take care.
ann x

Hi just to add to Ann’s note during a very bad chest infection which was suspect pneumonia I also had pleurisy and that’s when the fluid is between ribs and lungs and it’s incredibly painful even getting out of bed. Coughing was hellish. Try not to worry too much. It’s good that you are getting checked out. Take care Anita xx hopefully you are feeling better now x