So Scared I have breast cancer!

Hi all,

I thought I would join this forum as I am sick with worry, I have recently been suffering from sharp stabbing pains in my left breast
so went to see my GP yesterday and she confirmed that I have a lump there also.

She has referred me to the breast clinic and I had a phone call from the hospital the same day confirming that i will be going on the 15th june…my mums mum has breast cancer so I am thinking the worst!!

sorry for the rant =( x

Hi there Sara

Im karen 34 and have breast cancer, I saw your post and thought Id say hello and welcome and I`m glad you found this site.

It must be a very worrying time for you but the good news is that you done the right thing and went to your GP.

I remember being in your position and your mind will be all over the place right now, but thats ok, it happens to us all regardless of the outcome.

If you need to rant and rave or talk you will find lots of support on here waiting for you.

Karen xx

Hi Karen,

Thankyou so much for replying to my post =)

you are still young then…did you find out recently that you had breast cancer?(hope you don’t mind me asking).

I have a 3 year old daughter nearly and a 14 month old son and i’m just thinking the worst!
I know this sounds silly but I just have this feeling that I have breast cancer.

Sara x x


Just thought I’d say hello too.

I know this is a very tough time for you- If found the period from finding the lump to the first appointment the worst of all. It is natural to be very anxious but try to reassure yourself that you have done the right thing and whether it is benign or not, you are on your way to finding out. Just another point too- I was told that any pain was an indication that it is not usually cancer.Unfortunately you won’t know for sure until the test are done

My lump was discovered to be very early form of early breast cancer. I am 37 with two young children aged 4 and 20 months. My Mum also had breast cancer so that added to my worry too.

There are lots of people on here who will support this anguish you are going through.

Take care and thinking of you,

Love Freddie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Sara

If you would like to talk with someone during this difficult time please don’t hesitate to give the BCC helpline a call and one of our trained members of staff will be happy to offer you a ‘listening ear’ as well as support and information. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm.

You may also find it helpful to read the BCC booklet on ‘referral to breast clinic’ as it will explain about the different tests you may have when you attend your appointment. If you would like a copy just follow this link:-

I hope you find this helpful

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

hi sara

no i dont mind you askin at all. was diagnosed 27th april and am going in tues to have mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. My boys are 3, 11 and 14 so i know how you feel when you have young kids - it`s scary but this site is great for support and they have trained staff to advise and women who know what you are going through right now. When I was waiting on my clinic appointment it was torchure but the best advice is can give is just try not to get too far ahead and take each day as it comes. Wishing you the best for your appointment hun. a pal of mine went through this at the same time as me and was totally convinced she had breast cancer and it turned out to be a cyst, where as I totally wasnt expecting my diagnoses so it just goes to show everyone has different feelings and its very hard not to think the worst so dont worry thats normal too xxx

Thankyou all so much for your replies…it’s helping me already being on this forum as I don’t feel so alone =).

sara x x x

Hi again,

Went into town today about 4pm and collapsed, i’m really worried as this has never happened to me before =(

could anyone tell me whether they suffered with any other symptoms with breast cancer?

Sara x x

Sara {{{hugs}}} sorry that you are going through this worrying time…

I know a few of us have said that we got dizzy, tired etc in the months leading up to being diagnosed… but it could also be that you are very stressed and tired - especially if you are not sleeping well with all this…

Will be thinking of you on the 15th…


Hi hun and hugs to you

I think as Theresa said there is such an enormous stress on you right now not to mention sheer terror that you body is bound to react somehow. I do hope your ok?? did you tell docs?? I personaly did not have any symptoms prior to my diagnoses ( apart fron the lump and pain in breast)but I know everyone is different so always best to get these thing checked out.

Karen xx

Thankyou theresa and karen for responding to my post =)

It was really strange as I managed to get some sleep the night before and had something to eat before I went out as my partner suggested it might be a good idea, so I really didn’t understand why I collapsed?

Karen I did’nt tell my docs as I Just put it down to stress, I am still getting pains in my breast if anything they are getting worse but maybe that’s because I am more conscious of it now…I don’t know?
The waiting is really stressing me out I feel really lethargic at the mo!

How are things for you karen is everything going ok?

Sara x x

Hi all,

Just thought i’d let you know I had my appointment and it turnt out to be a cyst!

I would just like to thank everyone for your support and I think you are all amazingly brave people and I will be thinking of you all!