Hi Everyone, Didn’t know if this is the right place to post? I said Hello on the welcome forum so just thought I’d say a bit more here.

I felt something wasn’t right about my left breast a few months ago, it felt heavy and if something was held against it it would feel foreign, couldnt locate a lump but went to the GP, she referred me to the breast clinic but the consultant would not give me a mamogram as he said I was too young (35) he had a feel and could not locate anything, then a month or so later I went back to GP, still concerned, again she had another feel and couldn’t locate anything but then said my left breast is bigger than my right so that’s why I’m feeling a difference.
I was also taking hormones at the time after having my ovaries removed because of a genetic disorder, but I stopped taking them in December because of the risks of Cancers and such, then last wednesday I found a lump in my left breast, quite a big one next to the nipple, I went back to GP and am now booked in again for 20th of MArch at the breast clinic, I’m really panicking right now as I fear it’s going to be something bad, that’s the type of luck I have so I expect the worst. Finding a lot of help from reading other peoples stories on here, makes me know I’m not alone.
Any tips for what to expect with the mamogram and possible biopsy? Does it take long and do they tell you the results there and then?
Peace and Love to you all x

Hi AngieK

You have definitely done the right thing by going back to your GP, being worried isn’t good and they can now get to the bottom of it and either put your mind at rest or sort it out.
i was referred to the breast clinic in Brighton and they did a normal mammogram first then a more focused one on the suspicious area once the radiographer had seen the first results. They then did an ultrasound and biopsies, this all took place over about 2 hours. I recommend you take someone with you as I was quite emotional at the end of that. Unfortunately for me they didnt give me the results of the biopsies the same day but many centres I have heard do.
Good luck and hope you get sorted out soon.

Hi AngieK
I think the not knowing time is one of the worst bits because you imagine so much. I was diagnosed in May 2012 after a routine mammogram. I was recalled about a week later for another mammogram where the brute was identified. I had a core biopsy the same day, the total visit was about 2 hours. I was needle phobic (one positive is I’m over that now!) but I coped with the local anasthetic and biopsy fine. The visit was a bit surreal. I had a weeks wait for the result but I think in my heart I knew what the outcome would be. That week was horrid. I planned everything from a party to my funeral.
Once I had the result I felt better as I knew what I was dealing with. The nurse was great and I was given more information than I knew what to do with. That was the start of treatment, the worst is over for me now, just Herceptin til October which is quite easy.
I know what you mean about luck - I refuse to hear any more statistics because I have been the unlucky one throughout. You have no reason to believe you will be on the wrong side though. Take small steps, each step at a time and have a good supporter with you.
Best of luck!

Hi and Thanks :slight_smile: I have my other half who is always there for me when I need a hug and his sister is coming with us to the clinic who I am quite close with too so that helps, started now getting a dull pain in it, don’t know if that’s psychological cause I’m constantly thinking about there being a lump there (Do others feel like that?) Or if it’s something to do with the lump, Next wednesday can’t come quick enough.
Also, is it worth a shot ringing up the clinic and asking if it’s OK to be put on the list incase there is a cancellation in the meantime for me to just go immediatley if there is or should I just wait?

Thanks for the replies and support so far guys, It does help a little to come back here and see the things you guys are telling me and replying with xxx

Hi Angie,
The waiting is the absolute pits. As a nurse said to me, you will be so breast aware, conscious of every ache, pain and twitch. Everyone will send your mind into overdrive. But, the reality is rarely as bad as your imagination.
There won’t be any harm in ringing to ask to be put on a list for a cancellation; it may help you to do something positive towards your diagnosis.
Please try to remember that BC (if that is what it turns out to be) does not go anywhere fast, so the additional week to the 20th March will not change the diagnosis from 13th. Also remember that there are lots of benign conditions which are obvious from the mammogram and ultrasound. If this is the case, they will be able to tell you immediately, and won’t need further tests. If the biopsies are taken, they will tell you exactly why, and what they are checking for.
Good luck,
MM x

Hi Angie, I was also diagnosed after aroutine mammogram. The rapid breast clinic staff were great, professional and armed with lots of information. I had another mammogram, saw a doctor who explained to me their concerns with the problem area of the breast, this consultation was followed by a stereotactic core biopsy which was not painful as they inject local anaesthetic first. It does take about 30 to 40 minutes so can be uncomfortable. It took one week for the results to come through and I had to revisit the cLinic as they do not give results over the telephone. I was diagnosed with multi site DCIS, I was fortunate as the cancer had been caught very early. I am now 8 weeks post operative from a mastectomy and LD flap immediate reconstruction but don’t need any further radio or chemo or hormones. Its good to hear that you have someone close to take with you. Whatever the outcome it is an emotional roller coaster aswaiting for diagnosis, treatment procedures is always an anxious time and i think the hardst part of the journey. I turned into a nervous wreck who thought about every aspect of cancer 24/7. Do stay positive, your lump may not be cancer, most lumps turn out to be ok but you are doing the best thing in getting it checked out. Please keep us posted and i will check back after the 20th. Praying for good news for you, Good luck and cyber hugs winging it’s way to you. Xxxxx

Hi guys, Thanks for all the replies! I went today to the breast clinic, they did an ultrasound?? and then they took a biopsy which was horrible because she couldn’t be 100% sure that it was just tissue then the doctor said they think it is just fibrous dense tissue and talked about having the lump removed or living with it if that’s what it is, the results are in on the 8th of April. More waiting :frowning:

Peace and Love to you all x


Hi Angie,
I hope today wasn’t too traumatic. The waiting is dreadful, but please take comfort in that they wouldn’t say they think it is just fibrous tissue unless they were relatively sure. Only the pathology will answer the question, hence the waiting…
More socialising, more fun activities, and more chocolate, just to make the time pass. Keep well,
Christine xx

Hi Angiee, the waiting is horrible. fingers crossed for good results on the 08th. Big hugsx xxxxx

Thanks guys x keeping my mind occupied with PC gaming hoping the doc was right what he said but you never know :frowning:

It’s a benign lump!!! Don’t need to do anything and that’s the end of that :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Thank you all who offered support, it really helped in my hour or worryings <3

Excellent news, great to hear the positive stories!
Maggie x

Hooray, very good news Angie, all the best to you.

Poemsgalore xx