So scared

Hello everyone.


I went for my routine 3 year mammogram last month and was called back for more tests.  I went 2 weeks ago and had a biopsy and an appointment was made for me to go back last Friday for the results.


I went last Friday and the results were inconclusive.  All they got from the biopsy was normal breast tissue.  I now have to go for another biopsy tomorrow and for the results next Tuesday.  


I feel like I am on a roller coaster I can’t get off.  I am worried again about what they might find and if tomorrow will be a successful biopsy.  I am also worried that this time it might hurt because I still feel a bit bruised.  I am also worrying that whatever it is will have grown in the 2 weeks since the initial biopsy.


I know most of you are going through/have been through so much and feel a bit of a fraud but I really am so scared and would like some friendly comfort please.


Thank you for reading this. xx



Hello and welcome to the forum.


It is good that they are being thorough with you, the last thing you want is for them to send you away without being absolutely sure that there is not something that needs attention, and that does not necessary mean that the outcome with be bc.  There are a lot of other benign breast conditions it could be.


It might be an idea to take a couple of painkillers before your appointment if you are concerned about it. 


It is natural that you are worried that whatever it is might have grown in two weeks however that is really unlikely so I would try and put that thought out of your mind, it is the anxiety monster playing tricks with you rational mind.


You are absolutely not a fraud, you are scared and need answers. Stay with us and we will help you in whatever way we can, that is the beauty of this forum there are lots of lovely ladies who have been through or are currently going through the same as you.


Sending you a very gentle hug and a pair of our virtual tough pants so that we can all be there with you to hold your hand, and hopefully they will make you giggle, promise you that they are clean, I just took them off the line.


Helena xxx


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