So sore down below

Hi Ladies
I have just had my first cycle of CMF. I was prepared for sore mouth and throat and even skin changes (I have hideous rash under my boobs) and am coping very well with these symptoms. However, I am so sore down below that I cry when I spend a penny. I don’t have any other symptoms of cystitis. Now going to the loo is a regimental operation! Had a look and can’t see anything down there such as a rash/white lumps, just red raw. Have been drinking plenty of water but wondered if anyone knew of a way of having a wee without the awful pain and burning?
Thank you

Desperate Carly! x

hi carly
if i were you i would give your gp a ring if you can, it may well be a water infection and you are better treating it sooner , i used to put every little thing down to chemo but know i check things out with my gp
good luck galen x

So Sorry about you being sore. I can not speak from experience. I had FEC treatment which did give me ulcers etc.but only 1 ulcer down below. But I do know that after giving birth I was advised to pee in a bowl of water (in the bath, or poor water over your bits with a bottle). That did relieve the stinging then. Hope that is of any help.

Hope you feel a bit better soon

Hi Carly

I aint a doc but have worked in oncology in kids. You have probably got mucositis if you say it looks red raw down there. Basically you have mucous membranes from your mouth, all the way down through your gut to down below. So if you have ulcers in your mouth etc, although there are no ulcers down below its just whats happening in and outside your body. You do get some good barrier creams so would suggest going to your gp rather than suffer any longer.

Hope this helps

Thanks Ladies
I have taken your advice ie weeing in water and barrier. Did help ALOT. Just taken my temp and it is 37.7 so in touch with GP. Going to monitor that for next hour and pray it goes down.

Thanks again

Carly x

Fingers crossed for your temperature to settle Carly


Hi Girls

My temperature came down thank goodness and I have mastered the art of weeing without much pain thanks to you guys! However, I am sure at some stage I’m going to get my bottom wedged in the bucket!!!

Carly x

Glad to hear your a bit better Carly - careful you dont have to call out the firemen if you get your bum wedged - how embarassing would that be?? - lol - not that I’m saying its big or anything :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work

fiona!!! ROFL !!! i just spluttered my hot chocolate everywhere!!!

hope it’s all better soon Carly, hugs x

Will have to make sure I have my lippy to hand just in case it’s a 999!!

Hi Carly, glad you are feeling better. I know with me every orifice in my body dryed up during chemo, I just thought it was induced menopause. How ever since stopping chemo things are better. I even have sex with my husband every now and again, if he is very very lucky! Take care. Suzy

Hi Ladies
For anyone who ever suffers with sore 'lady bits!!!" I discovered some cream that soothes and slightly numbs the delicate tissue without causing irritation. Checked with a GP friend who had chemo a few years ago and she said that as long as it was helping she couldn’t see why I shouldn’t use it. Now before I tell you what the cream/ointment is, please let me stress that I do not have piles :slight_smile: and bought this product purely to use under my eyes to reduce the bags after a heavy night… HONEST!

It is ‘Boots’ Haemorrhoid relief cream. Be careful, because some preparations seem to have strong odours which may irritate, but this one is so soothing.

Take care everyone

Carly x

I’m a bit sore both around the lady bits and around the groin where the underpant elastic rubs a bit. Feels like little blistery bits under the skin. I tried barrier cream for a few days but I’ve still got it. I’m trying to decide which “bits” are the source of the problem at the mo…

OH wonders whether a moisturiser would be a better idea.

mousy, keeping her eye on it (metaphorically speaking as cant see down that far due to belly…)