So sore post radiotherapy :-(

Hello ladies…

just wanted your experiences reagarding finishing rad’s…

I completed 20 sessions, 7 of which where bolus,10 days ago, as i had a mx in june,

In my armpit the skin broke and ive been cream which had cleared it up, BUT im still so sore, and my scar gets tight, and i get shooting pains, i can hardly put my arm down to the side as i still have a small area of seroma, which i know has been aggrevated mt rads,

After the SNB,WLE 6 FEC, MX then re-excision for heamatoma i was told that rads would be a walk in the park!!!

when will this intense burning/sorness and pain feeling end?

Thankyou for all your comments

Love and hugs



Oh Donna, you seem to have had extra SEs all the way through, I’m so sorry. I don’t suppose it helps to know that I’ve still got seroma and discomfort nearly a year after the first WLE/SNB surgery. I didn’t have so many sessions of rads, so it must be worse for you. My scar is tight as well.

I went to see the BCN a couple of months ago because of that and something from the surgery I had 3 years ago (annual checkup with the onc put back to January); she called the surgeon in to have a look. The surgeon told me to go back to taking pain killers as a matter of routine, but didn’t want to risk making things worse by draining or any other invasive procedure. I’m also trying to stretch the scar area and some of the exercises are good for that, like the reaching behind your back one.


Hi Donna,

I found that Aloe Vera gel *really* helped with this, especially if it was kept in the fridge. Holland & Barratt do a good one that is 99% pure aloe vera. As soon as the area heals up enough daily massaging with a fragrance free moisturiser will really help ease the tightness of your scar.

I hope it all starts to improve soon!

Nymeria x

I too had 20 sessions of radiotherapy and they finished 9 days ago. I have noticed the syptoms getting worse before they get better but I was warned that the side effects peak 7-10 days after treatment has ended. I’m really sore under my arm and have what looks like a huge blister forming. I don’t know what to ut on it really. I do have the 99.9% Aloe Vera gel and I do keep it in the fridge which helps with the rest of the skin burning but I don’t want to put it inder my arm in case it makes it worse. Any ideas?

Hi all.
I thought I’d sailed through rads but about 10 days after finishing I developed a huge, painful burn over the whole area. The radiotherapy team had given me some gel pads which I could put in the fridge then apply to the area. My doctor also gave ms a prescription for them and they really helped. They are called Geliperm. I had used the aloe Vera gel all the way through and it was fine while the treatment was being carried out.
Hope this helps.
Polly x

I’d completely forgotten about geliperm dressings - they were great and really made a difference!

Hello Pollypocket,

Have you got any aqueous cream?? that is the only thing I was told you can put on burns (not including the gel packs) the cream is water based and it’s really really cheap for a big tub of it,it is cooling to the area hope this helps xx