so sore!!

so sore!!

so sore!! hey finished rads just over a week ago and had to go onto antibiotics as had infection under scar. but it looks like ive been scalded ! my breast ares and under arm are red raw and so sore i cant stand any clothing near it so have taken to wear a little crop top ,ive got cream they gave me at the hospital but have now found the best thing is hypercal ,a herbal remedy that containd calendular. did any one else get this reaction it supprised me as i can usually sunbathe without to much trouble as i have dark skin,so the soreness really took me by suprise. thanks lynn x

Hi Lynn,

Finished rads 13 days ago.

Skin didn’t seem too bad while having them (25), got a bit redder towards the end so I thought I’d be OK.

However, the leaflet re after care they give you explained I would still cook for 10 days after, and boy did I.!!

I too got a secondary infection caused by the radiation burns.
Skin got very very red and sore right up to day 10.
Was taking paracetmol for the pain too.

It only began to feel a little better yesterday and today is better again.
It is now beginning to blister and peel despite copious amounts of aqueous.

I have fair freckly skin.

redness/soreness after rads I was in terrible pain and discomfort a week after my rads finished. My skin was red and breaking down. However, once I was prescribed Flamazine it healed within a week. I was told by my oncologist I should have taken advice sooner and not to have suffered. So my advice is to try and get some Flamazine on prescription a.s.a.p.


I’ve only had 7 so far, but have been told to expect discomfort and redness towards the end. The hospital I’m attending sends you to see a Clinical Radiographer Specialist or one of the Consultants every week to keep a check on it and give advice, although the radiographers take a look at it every day to see how it is doing. I’m washing all my bras, vest, tops and stuff in stuff for delicate and irritated skin and I’m also using Simple products. I’ve been told not to use anything else unless recommended by the hospital as they prefer to treat everything for the 4 weeks after the rads have finished.

Hi Lynn, I had problems too,finished my 25 sessions last october and went very red with blisters during the treatment and like other replies kept on cooking after.

About 1 week after my skin started falling off on my chest wall and underarm and I had a couple of large open and weepy sores.

Went to GP who gave me special dressings, burns cream and was advised to keep the area covered and moist for a week. It wasn’t pleasant, but it worked, my skin healed really well in that week. Also put on anti-biotics incase of infection.

Hope you feel better soon,


peeling! hey thanks for all your replys today my skin has started to peel i look like a russet apple, blisters under my armpit have burst so sor again but hopefully the antibiotics will protect me from infection .love to all my fellow sunbathers!!! lynn x

I am serious Try a savoy cabbage leaf against your skin. This was suggested to me and I thought it sounded strange but it really helped cool the area down.
Best wishes.

cabbage leaves hey i had that when i was breastfeeding my babies for mastitus!! i remember the relief so maybe ill give it a try !thanks lynn xx

so sore Hi Aroma

I finished rads 22nd December. My skin under my breast had started to fall off by then and I was in a lot of pain and had a really bad discharge from the area. By Boxing Day, I had no skin left and couldn’t move properly for the pain. The oncologist had given me graneodin ointment and that helped a bit. I couldn’t get to see a dressings nurse but saw a doctor who gave me a handful of small self adhesive dressings which were useless as the skin was too sore to stick these too. I basically went around for about 10 days wearing just vest tops and disappearing occasionally to mop myself up. Two months down the line, I healed fine but then got a really itchy rash on my breast. Didn’t think much of it until it spread to my arm and went into circles and then I realised I had the fungal infection, ringworm. I got it confirmed by a pharmacist and got some cream then rang the Breast Care nurse who did some research and discovered that it is caused by an fungal infection getting into damp areas with dead skin! In other words, my breast was a breeding ground for infections. I think instead of covering myself in creams, I shoiuld have listened to my mother and dusted myself in powder (not talc) to keep area dry. I also found out that I should have been seeing a district nurse to have dresssing applied but no one told me.
Hope you feel better soon

hi wow,i bet you were so sore if what i went through is anything to go by !! i have lost all the skin around my wound area now ,and still have blisters under my arm ,not in so much lain as i was last week but very uncomfortable as its so itchy now.finished my antibiotics yesterday so im hoping that infection is kept at bay,was hoping to go back to work soon but im so tired all the time at the moment so thats out of the question now! unwards and upwards fellow sufferers speak soon thanks for all the advice, lynn xx