So stressed about first appt with GP


I’ve had non cyclical breast pain and swelling for a week now. Came on real sudden, hasn’t eased with a week’s rest and cessation of my period. Read up and found about IBC and thought oh bugger, that sounds quite like what I’m seeing.

Right now the thing that’s stressing me out is my GP appont in about an hour. 

They tend to like to fob you off so terrified they’ll say oh it’s X, come back in a fortnight

That if they do take me seriously that they will force me to have a mammogram and pain in my boob is so bad I don’t actually think I could do it without crying/screaming (plus I have implants and they make no guarantees they won’t rupture - they are about 8 years old)

That they will tell me its mastitis

Believe me, I DON’T want it to be IBC. No way do I want that.

But I KNOW it isn’t mastitis. I’ve had that before when BFing - there’s no triangular shaped red mark or throbbing plus with mastitis you don’t get: red marks appearing on the breast, fluid swelling to the skin at the side of the breast over the ribs and below the armpit, one breast about 20% bigger than the other one and an inch higher due to swelling pulling it up, nor do you get when you lift that arm up and back a sensation that the back of the breast/implant is stuck to the underlying muscle and can’t move freely.

I just hope this appointment goes well. If it doesn’t and I’m fobbed off I will immediately be booking a private MRI which if nothing else and if negative, will at least put my mind at rest. I couldn’t live with myself, for my children’s sake, if I let it slide for another week to two weeks just to appease a primary care healthcare provider. So Dr (removed due to Ts and Cs), woman, be proactive, take it seriously, and rule out rapidly the worst thing that it could be because it’s one of the fasted moving cancers and already proof that you had existing tumours somewhere already so impossible to get a grade I diagnosis with really excellent prognosis following treatment. Cross your fingers for me. 

How did you get on Polly ?

Hi Polly,


yes, how did things go? Have had fingers, toes and legs crossed for you. You really should not have needed to go and book your own MRI,  - rather been referred to the hospital …so sorry if  your gp wasnt clued into just how scared you were.


do let us know, love to you