So tired after rads but can't sleep

Hi, so glad I stumbled across this site at 4.23am. Finished 20 rads last Friday after lumpectomy and SNB and I can’t sleep. So tired after during and after work yet when I go to bed I’m wide awake. Felt dizzy, nauseous and vague at work yesterday (only working three days this week) hope today is better. Is anyone else having trouble sleeping? I don’t start Tamoxfe for two weeks.

Hi lee65, welcome and sadly yep I’m the same. I was told that this feeling of after rads tiredeness/ fatigue is not one that sleep solves. I’ve always been a light sleeper but seems worse at the mo. They recommend taking it a bit easy once rads finish as the treatment continues to build and work on you. Are you able to take time from work? It doesn’t sound safe if you are so sleep deprived you are getting dizzy poor thing.
The site is fab for answers and support you will always find someone with an ear to listen and words of encouragement. X

Lee the impact of the radiotherapy can continue for a few months I’m afraid ,are you drinking plenty of water some of the symptoms can be due to dehydration .I felt much better after I upped my fluids .Jill.

Thanks Jill, I wasn’t told about the fluids but reading through some posts last night I noticed it mentioned often. Will do, it’s a hot summer here and though I fee like I do drink water I could increase it, will do.

Thanks Polly. I woke up to the alarm this morning and literally can’t move. Got up to go to the bathroom and came back shaky. So, am ringing work and will take it easy today and try and work tomorrow instead. I had heard this could happen but am surprised at the degree of physical fatigue I feel. Thanks for the support.

It’s not unusual ,try to take care of yourself as much as possible.I didn’t go back to work til a month after I finished and then was on a phased return for a further 3 months .

Just before I found the lump I asked to go part time and three months down the track they agreed. Very fortuitous as now I’m doing a five day fortnight. I just rang, swapped my day and my boss said see how you feel tomorrow you do have sick leave. So yep, will listen to my body. Thanks x

Hope you feel better soon.

Hope youre doing better.I’m also not sleeping at night although nodding off during the day and evenings as soon as I sit down, then wide awake as soon as I get to bed! I’m also having a lot of vivid dreams, bizarre and not always very pleasant.Wondering if it’s just our circumstances or the anastroxole.x

Thanks Treeze, I worked today but started slow and finished slow. Got a bit teary this afternoon though. Trying to be ‘up’ and positive all the time is tiring. They all care but repeating myself all the time is draining me and stopping me for doing my work. I’m sure the boss thinks I never stop talking. I’m not sure if I’m dreaming as I don’t seem to be asleep for long enough. It’s like long thought patterns that veer all over the place. I start Tamoxifen in a week so will see what happens then haha. A walk along the beach this evening with my son cleared the head and reminded me to be grateful and stop being so hard on myself too.