So who do YOU want to say a special thank you to?

I’m one of those people who get very boring with thanking everyone for stuff (even if it’s just part of their job description and they get scored on it and bonuses for meeting it) so I thought I’d give us all a way to say thank you to people we want to thank for the “over and above” stuff.

General thank yous:

To all you lot who post on here. I’ve only ever had a tenuous link to my own sanity, you lovely people have saved that delicate link over the last couple of months, weeks, days and hours.

* To BCC for providing this resource.
* To everyone *who is not me* who is also looking after my family:
* my grown-up son’s girlfriend
* my grown-up daughter’s boss for letting her just LEAVE when I called in a panic on Monday for other family problems
* all the the mums of the friends of my teenaged daughters who have just accepted my girlies staying at their houses at the drop of a hat
* the staff at the hospital looking after my lovely man during and after his heart op
* the school my girlies go to for being so supportive (ok, so I know it’s their job, but not every school IS as supportive as they have been)
* my BCN who called me this evening at way past hometime because she’d heard about the rest of the crap life has been throwing at me recently - no specific practical help but the hugs that so clearly came through in her voice were just as valuable as practical help
* my lovely grown-up daughter who has been so good at helping her little sisters to cope with the current horrible stuff
* my colleagues at a previous job who sent me a lovely flower thing after my lumpectomy that lasted so long it was still there when I came out from re-excision
* my kids who have helped remind me of why I bother
* my surgeon, who did a bloody good job, but who also petted our dog when we bumped into her in the pub, and who has phoned me to give results personally, not just sent letters
* my GP who gave me a great big hug in the middle of the street when I happened to bump into her at Christmas time (5 mins after getting good news on the phone from the surgeon)
* the good news fairies

I’m sure you’ll have lots of your own people to add to the THANK YOU list, feel free to join in.

Note: you are not allowed to feel guilty about any of these thanks. (My list was way longer but I made myself delete the guilt ones.)

*Husband and kids (for their love, support, and practical help)
*Friends, neighbours and Colleagues (support, tolerance and encouragement).
*Members of St. Giles Church ( support, prayer, and transportation to hospital in land rover during the snow).
*Professor and team at Charing Cross Hospital (outstanding care)
*The New Victoria Medical Foundation, The London Clinic ( funding my Cyberknife treatment)
*The Harry Edwards Healing sanctuary (Bluebells Cancer support Group, free healing, reflexology, aromatherapy etc)
*Breast Cancer Care, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and Macmillan (all the hard work they do)
*All my Cyber-chums (for listening and supporting)

* to God for working his purpose out in my life over 4.5 years since my bc diagnosis (primary, then secondary 3 weeks later)
* my family for their love and support, and many other friends
* the NHS for free mammography screening for women in their 50s :slight_smile:
* the Surrey Royal Marsden Hospital for ongoing monitoring, treatment, and a person-centred approach to care
* the researchers who developed treatments because of which I am living reasonably well now, and the patients who participated in clinical trials for these drugs
* Bookham Baptist Church and St Alban’s Westbury Park (my father’s church) who faithfully pray for me

* also, that I live in a country where resources to treat cancer are available
* for BCC and other UK cancer charities
* for the Internet and the bc friends whom I’ve met as a result… sadly, so many who are no longer with us.

ahhh…thats lovely xxx

Thank you to…
* my family especially my wonderful husband and daughter who have given me such love and support.
* Milton Keynes hospital for looking after me, from my surgeon, the amazing BC nurses, the Macmillian unit, the lads and lasses who make you a cup of tea, you all are a credit to your profession
* my friends, who keep me going and make me laugh
* Al- anon for giving me hope and strength and the tools to cope with BC especially my Tuesday ladies!
* Di who sorted my wig and made me feel feminine again
* this site for all the support it gives.
* to many more I have missed and to those I have yet to meet

To My Husband, Son and Daughter who cared cried and laughed with me.
Ali and Jonny for numerous meals, lifts to the hospital and for the worst weekends camping ever!!!
To Charlie and Mouse who never failed to be there when we needed them and had a constant supply of gin!
To julie for her hugs and all the MLD a girl could ask for and Smudge who braved his fears to take me for chemo when no one else could and is a very good player in the spot the wig game.
To David my hairdresser who gave me a sexy new look when i had my long hair cut short and who cut my wig to match.
To all the staff of the Manchester Heart Centre who helped me to work when I was well enough and kept my spirits up when I was not well enough.
To my surgeon at the Nightingale centre who not only did a fantastic job but has put up with a patient who is also a nurse (we dont make the easiest patients!).
My specialist Breats Nurse who was always there when I needed her with common sence answers and support.
who has helped me to regain godd function in my arm and intorduced me to keniso taping!
To Brenda from the Neill Cliffe centre who was there to listen even when I did not recognise I needed someone.
To All the staff at the Christie Hospital too numerous to mention.
Special thanks to Anita, Peter and the team in rehab at christie who have given me acupuncture to such good effect for fatigue.

My daughter, who in spite of having 2 children under 3 when I was diagnosed was a absolute rock. During my treatment she had her 3rd baby and still insisted on helping me.

My son-in-law who gave my daughter brilliant support so that she in turn could give me support.

To my husband for his never ending support, love and his terrific sense of humour. I could not have got this far without him.

Lastly to my employers, I had only been working there for 18 months when I was diagnosed. But they have been totally supportive both the bosses and my co workers. This has made it so much easier to get back to work and this has been so important in helping to put my life into some kind of normality.

To my two lovely kids for coping when their Mum fell apart!

To my lovely friend Sue , who’s dropped her life on many occasions for me and come to every consultation and is FANTASTIC!!

To my ex-husband who’s been brilliantly supportive.

The Fairy Godmothers of my kids for taking them under their wings!!

To ALL my many, many friends who’ve dropped off cards, dragged me out, driven me about, supplied food and laughs!

To my gerbil for giving you lot a laugh!

To ALL of YOU for saving my sanity at 3am and loads of other times, too numerous to mention!!

The fab 3 aka the BCN team at winchester hospital and my surgeon for her beautiful work on my boobs!


Hi all

I have edited some of the above posts to remove the names of health professionals as we don’t allow this on the forums as per the terms and conditions. If anyone would like to pass on thanks to specific health professionals the following link will take you to a site designed for this:

I hope you understand our reasons for this and continue with this lovely thread.

Best wishes

To the 2 very helpful and kind staff at the BC clinic in Croydon who went looking for my notes that were “in transit” and persuaded the Dr to see me despite my having turned up a day late! Don’t know what has happened to my brain …

So often I hear moans about the NHS but nearly every member of staff has been sympathetic and helpful ehile beibg chronically busy. I think take some thing to read, expect to wait and if you get seen quickly it’s a bonus. Another patient probably needed longer with the Dr. One day it could be me needing to ask questions (or turn up on the wrong day!)