So worried about biopsy results tomorrow

Hi, waiting for biopsy results from calcifications found in one breast and a lump in the other. Is there any way there could be any other reason for these other than cancer? My mother died many years ago at a young age of breast cancer, so all i am doing is thinking the worst. Every hour that goes by, I am getting more scared.How do you get through these hours of waiting? Also, can anyone tell me when I can take dressings of breasts - had biopsys done yesterday, the plaster is itching a bit now.thanks to anyone who has some advice.


It’s horrible waiting for results isn’t it? I’m no expert but calcifications can be benign as well as malignant. Mine were malignant but there were quite a lot of them as well as all the cancer. As far as the dressing is concerned you could try replacing what’s on there currently with a hypo allergenic one instead. I just don’t get on with sticking plaster at all, so I used a basic dressing pad from a first aid kit and stuck it down with micropore tape.

I won’t tell you not to worry about the results because you will, it’s only natural especially having lost your mum to BC! For me personally the best way of coping during the day was to be as busy as possible. It didn’t make the fear go away but distraction therapy definitely helped.

How are you sleeping? I got the the stage where I couldn’t sleep at all so I asked my GP for some mild sleeping pills and they really helped.

I hope you don’t have to wait long for your results!

Nymeria x

Sounds like how I started - but don’t forget that women who have had similar initial signs like you and got the allclear won’t be posting on here - so please also remember all those women who have a terrible week of worries then got the all clear - just realised I’ve said the same thing twice, but I really mean it!

Positive spin re the calcification is that if it is BC at least they’ve found it and can treat it.

Re dressings - I had various biopsies and different dressings - if just a mepore (like a fabric plaster) I could take it off in the shower next day; if steri-strips just wait a couple of days until they want to come off (depends how et they get in the shower).

Biopsies tend to be teeny holes - but you might have had half a dozen attempts in one area so if that is the case you might be sore without the dressing - and prone to infection if not a quick healer.

Good luck


Thanks for advice, it is the ‘not knowing’ - I should get the results tomorrow afternoon. I hope you are doing well. I just feel so sick and tearful - did get some sleep last night - but wake up thinking about everything every couple of hours.It’s exhausting isn’t? …especially trying to put a bit of a brave face to loved ones. So its good to air a few feelings here

Hi I just wanted to say that I totally feel for you and your anxiety. I had a big lump and a lot of calcifications about 3 months ago I was convinced it was going to be bad news. My consultant even used the 50/50 phrase with me which made me think I had no chance…but I was one of the lucky ones, they took it out after the initial biopsy was inconclusive and it was a benign radial scar.
I just want to say that there is always hope until you know otherwise so please try to accept that you can’t change anything at the moment and the result will be what it is. But you do have a great chance of it being benign. I will be thinking of you and praying for you. Please let me know how you get on. X


I just wanted to pop in and say that I will be thinking of you tomorrow!

It *is* the not knowing that makes it all so horrible. That and feeling like you need to put a brave face on for everyone else.

You can say anything you like here, there’s always someone who’s had a similar experience.

Let us know how you get on!

Nymeria xx

THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone. It is so reassuring to know you all understand. This is a very lonely thing to go through & thanks for prayers. Whatever will be - will be - but I know now there are plenty of great women like you who will be around for support & understanding - as you all have your own experiences - thank you again - these postings have got be through tonight xxx

I have just received my results by phone and I am so very fortunate to be given the all clear. Because of my family history - I was sure that it would not be good news today. thank you so much ladies for your help in getting me through the agony of waiting. I have read Dr. Jane Plant’s book about a diet excluding dairy products - you all probably know the book and wondered if you have tried this? The author has had breast cancer and secondaries - but is in good health now and as a Doctor and scientist - she seems to really believe this would help most women. Has anyone tried this? I am going to take my health alot more seriously than I have ever done - my stress level is often off the scale being self employed and this is a real wake up call to change things.
I really pray for you all going through dark days and will always be around for anyone wanting a chat. None of us know what could be round the corner. I have two copies of Dr. Jane Plant’s book - if anyone would like my spare copy - I’ll put it in post. With love & best wishes to you all xx

Hi SOSOS I have been thinking of you today and prayed for you, I am so pleased you had good news, it’s fantastic to hear that. I am self employed too and have 3 small children so my stress levels go through the roof too! I wish you all the very best for a healthy, happy and stress free future! Enjoy the great news, it’s wonderful to hear all is well. :slight_smile:

Yippee, what brilliant news! I am *so* pleased for you SOSOS!

Nymeria x


VERY glad we can say goodbye to you as you leave The Waiting Room via the All Clear door!


Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how thankful & blessed I feel this evening. I want to be there for anyone who is worried or going through this horrible stuff. So i am not saying goodbye! …when my poor Mum passed away from BC - I got involved in saving a local breast screening unit and fundraising. This is my call to get my ‘you know what’ back in gear, to help! I am fully aware that I could easily have another scare & we all live on a bit of tightrope. What I found so comforting is that you are all supporting each other and honestly your comments got me though the worrying hours and I found such comfort in knowing that we would all be there to help each other if bc was found. It has definitely restored my faith in human nature. After a tough few years, I had got very cynical & this is a wake up call in many ways. Love & prayers for any going through dark moments. xxx

Well, here I am in the same boat and going today for my test results! Like everyone else I have been worrying and putting on a brave face. The doctor at my last appointment stated that it didn’t look good after the ultra sound results and three samples were taken for checking so we must wait and see etc. My identical twin was diagnosed 20 years ago with bc after a routine scan at only 41 and then again 10 years later at 51. She lives in the US and has had excellent treatment via her very good health insurance. She doesn’t know yet about my scare. If it is bad news then like everyone else it has to be dealt. It was picked up on a routine 3 year mam and the doctor couldn’t feel anything when she examined me so here’s hoping that any treatment won’t be too invasive! I’m sure this site will help me get through things with the support of a wonderful husband and family.


I was diagnosed oct 2010 with a grade 3 tumour and have finished radio and chemo and am part way thru my herceptin. I have just had my check up mammogram and they have found white spots in my other breast. I am so worried as i have to wait a week for the results. Has anybody else been in this situation I know it might be nothing but how could it be anything if i have just had all this treatment. I feel so sick now ive just gone back to work and started to feel normal again i thought i was going to end this year on a high.