So worried about my mum

Hi ladies,
I haven’t been on the forums in ages as things have been going o.k. But the last couple of months things have seemed to taken a change for the worse, my mum as battled breast cancer for 17 years, diagnoised with mets to lung and brain in Nov 04, the last 3 years haven’t been easy but my mum as always come through it, she had 8 doses of taxotere, radiotherapy to the head twice, she also as regular herceptin every 3 weeks. All this treatment as had implications to the rest of her health, unfortunatley the worse being her eyesight, she is now registered blind and this is her biggest problem the deteriation all happened rapidly within a year, slowly I am watching my mum fade away and it is destroying me, I left work to care for her full time in Nov 04, & I hate seeing her suffer, why is this disease so cruel and unfair, I am so scared, I don’t know what else I can do, but as long as she fights I will be right by her side to the very end, she is so amazing and I’m so proud to be her daughter she as never moaned or complained she is an inspiration.

Hi Mumsangel

Am so sorry to hear that your mums health is deteriorating, must be so hard for you to watch her go through it. Am sure that you are a tremendous support to her and have helped her so much through it all.

Your mum sounds like an amazing person and a very strong person and I would imagine that she is also very very proud of you too, as much as your are proud of her.

I hope that things improve for you and her, and that her health picks up.

Take care of both of you and will be thinking of you.


Hi Mumsangel, think you just have to carry on doing what you’ve already been doing, how lucky you are having such an amazing mum, and how lucky your mum is to have a daughter like you, ring the helplines on here if it gets you down now and again, a good chat will always make you feel a little better.

love to you and your mum

Alison xxxxxxxx

Hi mumsangel
How lucky you are to have each other
love to you both
galen xxxxxx

Hi mumsangel,

I just had to write and say how much I feel for you and your mum.

You are being the best daughter she could wish for.

I lost my mum to stomach cancer in October 2005 and I understand how you must be feeling. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is be there for her and Love her.

I was with my mum through all her appointments and chemo. It is so hard watching someone you love fade away and get sicker, but you will do it!! you are doing all the right things.

This disease is very cruel and I feel for you. I was scared too, just the thought of losing my mum terrified me. She was my best friend as well as my mum. I was with her at the end and she died in my arms, traumatic though it was, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Your mum knows that she is loved.

Now that I have breast cancer myself, I wish my mum were her to help me cope. But I can feel her strength in me always.

I only wish I could be more help to you, But I send you both my love and will keep you in my thoughts.

Susie XX

Thankyou ladies for all your kind words and support, it really does help keep my chin up, my dad is also being amazing and we do have lots of family and friends around but sometimes I know they find it hard to help although I know their thoughts are with us, some people just can’t face illness espically cancer.
Suzie my thoughts are with you, god bless you.
mum not very good today losing balance and having head spins also feeling very sick, hope she fills better tomorrow.