Social Meet Up - Maidstone Area - December 3rd

Ladies, new social meet up group - Breast Friends, starts at Park Gate Inn near Leeds Castle, Ashford Road on Thursday 3rd December 2009 from 8pm. Some of you spoke to Helen at the Young Women’s Forum in Maidstone recently regarding this. would be great to see you there xxxxxxx

ladies, just bumping this up as a reminder for anyone in this area. vez. xxxxx

sorry, just seen this thread. will look to see if can make it, and let you know. hope to, would be great. will pass it on
deb x

ladies, social meet up next week - 3rd - would be great to see some of you there. vez.xxxxxx

are you expecting many there?

debs, not had any calls as yet. had some leaflets printed and handed to nurse at somerfield hospital. word will spread i hope. xxx

I know of three of us coming. hope to see more there. see you then x

debs, great stuff - look forward to it. Fiona and I will there this meeting - will look out for you. will have pink BC badges on. xxxx

how will you miss us, such lovely looking ladies!!
dont worry, we will find you, but yes, if i remember, i will wear a badge and tell the others to also.
looking forward to it
deb x

just bumping this one up. next meeting first thursday in feb x

just bumping this up, next meet up this Thursday. anyone welcome